'Arrow' Producer Wants Oliver Queen To 'Duke it Out' with Ben Affleck's Batman

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In the recent Question and Answer panel at the Wizard World, Arrow producer David Ramsay said he was more than open to having Batman appear on the show and meet the Green Arrow, Star City's resident vigilante. He said he would also be thrilled if Ben Affleck himself can swing the skyline as the Caped Crusader.

If it does happen, Ramsay envisioned the two billionaire-playboys-turned-grim-crimefighters weighing each other from all angles. As he described it in Comicbook, they'd size each other up on their immense wealth, tech capabilities, team composure, and superhero firepower. And it would ultimately lead to a no-holds-barred duel sans utility belt and arrows. Batman and the Green Arrow would "duke it out" in hand-to-hand combat.

Affleck's appearance on the CW series would be a tough sell considering DC's decision to separate its TV universe from the cinematic one. But a Batman-Green Arrow knock-and-drag-down fight would be a dream come true for many DC fans. Decades ago, in comic book land, Green Arrow was usually regarded as a poor copycat of Gotham's son. He was a non-powered superhero who was a rich playboy by day. LIke Batman, he had an Arrowcave, an Arrowcar, and a sidekick -- Batman had Robin (who later became Nightwing), and Green Arrow had Speedy (who later became Red Arrow).


It took decades for the comics' Green Arrow to shed off that image, and actor Stephen Amell, who plays the part in the TV series, has made him a hero in his own right. Safe to say, he's no longer under the Bat's shadow - and a superhero brawl can establish him as an equal once and for all.