Aquaman Actress Amber Heard Spotted Thrift Shopping After Refusing to Pay Johnny Depp $10 Million

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Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom star Amber Heard still remains the subject of major news headlines, even after the controversial defamation trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp concluded on June 1. Heard sadly lost to Depp, but refuses to pay $10 Million of the agreed total damages to the actor’s career.

In an interview with the Today Show, Heard's lawyer Elaine Bredehoft said that Heard wouldn't 'absolutely pay' $10 Million, an amount awarded by the jury for the damages to critically-acclaimed actor Johnny Depp's career.

While Heard appears to have no plan to pay the settled $10 Million, the actress was recently spotted shopping at a discount store in New York.

In a video taken by TMZ, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom star Amber Heard was spotted shopping at TJ Maxx, a discount store in New York Hamptons. Heard's sister, Whitney Heard, who was also present during the defamation trial was also beside her sister during their shopping trip.

See the video below:


As seen in the video, Whitney and Amber's baskets were full of would-be-purchased clothes. But when Heard saw the cameras rolling, the actress quickly moved away.

More recently, Heard was also spotted hopping out from a private plane and transferred into a waiting luxury SUV. According to a separate report by TMZ, the actress was in NYC to attend some meetings, flew from New Jersey to D.C., and then went back to her home in Virginia.

Depp's side has not yet released a statement regarding the $10 Million settlement with Heard, or if they are going to pursue the actress to pay remains unknown.

However, according to legal analyst Emily D. Baker, Heard and Depp must negotiate on the matter before June 24. "It will be up to the parties, but once the judgment is entered on June 24, I wonder if the attorneys will start negotiating that judgment payment," Baker told PEOPLE. "Ben Chew said in his closing argument that Johnny Depp wasn't seeking to punish Amber Heard with money. [Chew said on Friday to the jury: The case "has never been about money" or about "punishing" Heard.] I imagine that they will try to settle it and you'll see a PR statement that they are not seeking to enforce the judgment."

Amber Heard's latest outing as Mera in the Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom will premiere in theaters on March 17, 2023.

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