An Army of Anyas Takes Over Tokyo in Spy x Family Halloween Celebrations

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anya forger shibuya spy x family halloween

Spy x Family is one of this year’s most popular anime, so it might not come as a surprise that an army of Anya Forgers took to Shibuya for the annual Halloween celebrations in Tokyo.

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Specifically, those who went to Shibuya to celebrate Halloween were greeted with the sight of over 50 Anya Forgers, or at least 50 people dressed up as the loveable pink-haired telepath.


Shibuya Halloween Gathering in 2022 Continues

shibuya crossing at night, tokyo
Every year at the end of October, revelers gather at Shibuya in Tokyo (pictured above) to celebrate Halloween.

The Shibuya Halloween gathering is an annual event where both Tokyoites and foreign visitors flock to Shibuya in costume to celebrate the spooky season.

While it’s an annual celebration, it’s not specifically organized by an organization.

Given the recent tragedy in a similar Halloween gathering at Itaewon in South Korea, there were concerns that the Shibuya event will not happen this year.

However, the celebrations continued, albeit with a heavy law enforcement presence.


Every year, local police are stationed all over the Shibuya crossing area to manage and direct the flow of people which is important given how massive the crowd gets.

From the looks of it, many revelers have been able to celebrate Halloween in Shibuya safely as there have been no reports of crowding issues.

Shibuya Halloween Celebrations Possessed By the Spirit of Anime

On Twitter, there are already lots of posts being spread featuring images from the Halloween gathering.

Over the weekend, both Japanese and foreign visitors took to the streets dressed up as their favorite characters.

Eagle-eyed anime fans can spot various popular anime costumes at Shibuya, including the likes of Denji from Chainsaw Man.

Spy x Family's Anya Takes Over Shibuya Halloween Event

spy x family anya

For anime fans, the highlight is no doubt the army of Anyas that was present at Shibuya on the night of October 30.


A video of over 50 Anya cosplayers was shared on Twitter by @NezukoSocial, and the post got a ton of attention from series fans because of how funny it is to see a sea of Anyas.

Anya Forger is no doubt a standout character in Spy x Family. Coupled with the fact that she’s fairly easy to dress up as (you’ll only need a wig, dress, long socks, and shoes), it’s no surprise to see that many Halloween revelers dressed up as her.

Aside from Shibuya, you can see more of Anya in Spy x Family when the next episode releases in the coming weekend.

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