Anya's Iconic Spy x Family Line Tops Japan's 2022 TikTok Trends

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Spy x Family Tiktok Anya

Anime’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, enough that it’s not too surprising to see anime titles trend online. For this year, Spy x Family might just be the biggest anime online as TikTok revealed that its top 2022 trends in Japan include Anya Forger’s iconic line.

Recently, TikTok Japan announced its most popular 2022 trends in an event in Tokyo last December 6.


There, the biggest trends in the country were revealed, including the Top Phrase Award which was won by Spy x Family’s Anya (via Mantan Web).

Spy x Family’s Popularity

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The Spy x Family anime premiered back in April, and it has since become one of the most popular shows of the year.

Anywhere you go, you will no doubt see something related to the series, whether you’re online or at an anime convention.

Its popularity is thanks to a range of reasons, among them is its interesting premise.

After all, a story involving a spy father, assassin mother, and telepath daughter is a recipe for hilarity.


Add to that a colorful cast of supporting characters and great animation, it’s no surprise that the show became such a huge hit as it continues to top streaming charts.

Another reason the show became popular is Anya Forger’s wide range of meme-worthy faces.

You’ve no doubt seen Anya’s smug 'heh' face along with her various panicking and overconfident expressions.

Though what’s surprising is that it’s not Anya’s meme faces that took the top trending spot in TikTok Japan’s ranking. Instead, it’s a line that she says in the first episode.

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Anya’s Iconic Line Tops TikTok Trends in Japan

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During Episode 1, the newly adopted Anya tells Loid “I love peanuts.”

Since the episode aired, numerous TikToks were uploaded on the platform where fans lip-sync to the now iconic Anya line.

If you check out Spy x Family on TikTok, you’ll no doubt see examples of this that are made by cosplayers and anime fans.

Though some even get creative by remixing the song.

Aside from TikTok, Anya has become a fixture in anime communities on various platforms.

Given that both the anime and the manga source material are ongoing, it’s likely that you’ll see and hear Anya for years to come.

In the meantime, you can watch Anya and the rest of the Forger family in the next Spy x Family episode which will be released this weekend.

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