06 Mar 2017 7:40 AM +00:00 UTC

Anton Yelchin's Sci-Fi Short Film 'RISE' to Get A Feature Film Adaptation

Just one year after the release of David Karlak's sci-fi shortRise (starring Anton Yelchin), and now it's getting a feature length version from Hacksaw Ridge producer Brian Oliver and Filmula's Johnny Lin, Variety reports.

The five-minute dystopian short is set in a world where humans' attempt to make artificial intelligence has gone out of control, leading to a war between humans and machine. The script was written by Patrick Melron and Marcus Dunstan.

Lin said in a statement:

nd Black Swan. Lin said in a statement:

"Brian and I are extremely excited to have an opportunity to build a film franchise based on David Karlak's wildly popular short. I hope this is the start to a long-lasting financing and producing relationship."

The concept reminds me of The Matrix, which is one of my favorite sci-fi films, so I'm excited to see how the feature length version will cultivate the ideas and visual style of the original. It's just sad that Yelchin won't be a part of it.