Anna Kendrick Brings her Girl Next Door Charm in Indiana Jones Parody Video

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The sequel to the 2012 surprise hit about the sassy all-girl acapella group, Pitch Perfect, starring Hollywood sweetheart Anna Kendrick is in theaters now, currently dividing movie goers between watching that or watching dystopian demolition derby Mad Max: Fury Road. I myself come from the school of "Why Can't We Have Both," which is laughable given my state of funds. While an acapella musical film featuring exploding cars and non-stop action has yet to be conceived, we can at least have Anna Kendrick bust out one whip lash move as "Indianna" Jones in this Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade parody made to promote Red Nose Day, a charity for disadvantaged children around the world. Comedian Bret Gellman plays the old Templar Knight who warns Indy to choose wisely, while Kendrick's Indianna takes her time in choosing which chalice can help spruce up her living room. Check out the parody video below.