Animazement 2016 Cosplay Photos Hightlight Awesome Anime, Video Game and Comic Book Characters

Thousands of Japanese anime fans gathered in Raleigh for Animazement 2016, and we had fun exploring the convention's panels, autograph sessions, concerts, masquerades, and dance events. And of course, a lot of costumes portraying cool characters from the anime/manga, comic books, movies, and video games that we love.

The four-day event (May 26-29) took place at the Raleigh Convention Center. The Animazement website describes the convention as "an all-volunteer, fan-run anime convention…celebrating popular Japanese visual culture in all of its forms."

Check out the cosplay photos in the gallery below:

Animazement 2016 (Epicstream)

According to the site, the history of Animazement began in 1997, when TAAS (Triangle Area Anime Society) held the first 36-Hour Anime Marathon event.

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