Analysts Expect Star Wars: The Last Jedi To Rake In A Whopping $1.6 Billion

Star Wars: The Last Jedi might have ended up being one of the most divisive Star Wars movies in the history of the franchise, however, Lucasfilm's new sequel trilogy installment remains a critical and commercial success.

Not only has The Last Jedi won the second-highest opening weekend of all time, but analysts predict that the film could end up with a $1.6 billion haul at the global box office during the end of its run in cinemas.

Sure, the film might have had a 69% drop in viewership during the Christmas weekend, however, The Hollywood Reporter says that box-officer observers have been putting the blame on the holiday calendar. According to these analysts, Star Wars fatigue still hasn't set over audiences, and that the film would rake in $1.6 billion in ticket sales after its run.

The film earned above $745.5 million across the globe through Christmas day this year and during its cinematic run, the film is expected to rake in a total of $750 to $800 million in the total North American ticket sales. Though analysts are expecting the film to be the second-biggest domestic title after The Force Awakens, it doesn't really come as a surprise, given that the film was the very first Star Wars movie to enjoy the buildup over the return of the Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is currently screening in cinemas.

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