28 Dec 2016 12:18 PM +00:00 UTC

An Epic Supercut Tribute to 154 Movies and TV Shows From 2016

2016 may be a notorious year for the staggering amount of celebrity deaths but it still brought a lot of unforgettable films and TV shows. With the rise of awesome TV shows released in recent years, the lines lines beteween television and cinema have faded, and it's rare to find a supercut that features both mediums. They're usually divided into two different supercuts, but editor Max Shishkin created a supercut managed to masterfully compile various footage from 154 films and TV shows, and the music amazingly matches with the mood and atmosphere of what is shown. The result is fascinating, and if you want to remember the incredible moments of 2016, this is the video to watch. Some clips are NSFW though, so be warned. Watch it here:


2016 MOVIE TRIBUTE from Max Shishkin on Vimeo.