Amonkhet's Gideon of The Trials Revealed

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There's a new Gideon card in the next Magic: The Gathering set, Amonkhet, and today, it was finally revealed. It's called Gideon of the Trials. Check it out:

Here's the Oracle Text:

+1: Until your next turn, prevent all damage target permanent would deal.
0: Until end of turn, Gideon of the Trials becomes a 4/4 Human Soldier creature with indestructible that's still a planeswalker. Prevent all damage that would be dealt to him this turn.
0: You get an emblem with "As long as you control a Gideon planeswalker, you can't lose the game and your opponents can't win the game.

I'm sure this will see play and it will probably be worth more than $20 USD or more. The emblem for 0 is great, and I think all its abilities are worth using. A 3-drop Gideon that can protect itself with its +1 ability and can turn into an indestructible creature like its Battle For Zendikar version is awesome, and it can fuel Heart of Kiran by turn 3 in Standard.

Amonkhet, the first set of the Amonkhet block, will be released on April 28. Prerelease events will take place on April 22-23, 2017.

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