American Gods Pilot Will Show That Infamously Shocking Sex Scene

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Image credit: Starz

Spoiler alert: This article contains possible spoilers from Starz's upcoming show American Gods.


If you've devoured Neil Gaiman's classic novel, the following news will get you hyped for Starz's upcoming adaptation, and if you haven't read his fantastical masterpiece, the following will get you so intrigued that you'll make sure to watch it when it airs this April.

The scene known as the "Orgasm of Death" shows a woman devouring a man whole through her vagina, and this insane scene is going to be in the pilot episode, Inverse reports.

Since the scene is found in the first chapter of Gaiman's novel, it's not surprising that it will be in the pilot episode, but including that graphci scene is such a bold move.

The scene involves an old god called Bilquis a.k.a. Queen of Sheeba, who in the modern world works as a prostitute. She is introduced as she accepts a punter into her bedroom and requests that as they have sex, he should worship her. As he worships her, things become insane as Bilquiz devours his whole body with her vagina.

American Gods will premiere on April 2017.

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