Alternate Legion Promo Reveals The Identity of The Devil With Yellow Eyes

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Though it hasn't gotten as much ratings as it had hoped for, the visually stunning Legion has received a lot of attention from fans and critics who praise the series for its depiction of mental illness and its impressive cinematography.

Now as the series continues on with its first season, FX has released a new "Alternate" promo for the next episode of Legion and preview seems to confirm a fan theory on the identity of the powerful "parasite" that's been living inside Dan Steven's David Haller ever since childhood – the pure psychic energy which lives on hatred of humanity, Marvel's Shadow King.

Running for around 30-seconds, we get o see Bill Irwin's Cary Loudermilk and Jemain Clement's Oliver Bird discuss David and his monster.


Check it down here:

Unlike the original promo, this new preview has low quality resolution and low audio, but it gives fans what they've always wanted to know: the truth behind the large, ugly egg-head monster living in David's mind. During the conversation with Oliver, Cary openly says that the monster is none other than "Amahl Farouk, the Shadow King" – a name known to many X-Men fans. The pieces are finally falling in place and the only question is whether David can be saved.

Legion airs every Wednesday at 10 pm ET/PT on FX.

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