All Avatar Movies Get Release Dates

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Just when we thought the biggest info dump for Avatar is Zoe Saldana's hint for the production start date, we're proven wrong.

The official Avatar Facebook page has revealed the release date of the remaining four Avatar movies—and it's not as far as you may think. Seen in the post below, the site posted not only a picture of the entire team (it's a pretty big team) against the backdrop of the Avatar poster, it also hinted the rather insane deadlines that they've set for themselves:

So that's three years from now for the direct sequel, a year right after, two years' worth of breaks in between before we get the final two installments a year right after each other.


This announcement received mixed reactions, of course. Some thought that the Avatar 2 movie will come out as early as next year given the start of production. It's also understandable since it has been just a little less than a decade since the first one was released in 2009.

But if there's anything that we can pick up from director James Cameron himself, it's that his patience and dedication truly pay off in the end. Cameron has previously teased that audience's wait will be worth single second, as we will be holding our jaws open for when we see the movie in action.

Considering what he gave us with Avatar, which was a work planned and created in the span of 10 years, we're sure the four remaining Avatar films, currently being shot concurrently, will be just as great, if not even better.

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