Alien: Covenant’s Walter Droid is Like One of Our Favorite Characters

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Ridley Scott has started to build his empire of scares and fears, with Alien: Covenant being the latest in the streak of intensely puzzling and creepy movies from the Alien franchise.

Actor Michael Fassbender, who reprises his role as android David, has only praises for the director's work in the movie. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Fassbender shares his thoughts on both his role in the movie, as well as the way that Scott had delivered some thought-provoking themes.

Playing the role of the android, who has since been updated years following the events of Prometheus. While his actions are still a mystery, the way that Fassbender portrayed the role is nothing short of familiar for Star Trek fans.

"I wanted Walter to be more Spock-like--devoid of human characteristics or emotional contents that are programmed into David. I want him more like a blank canvas one can project things upon."

This is a surprising but potentially very apt move for the movie. Praised by Fassbender as Scott's best work to date, he shares that the goal of the movie is to give characters that will explore the nature of humanity and beyond.

"On top of the action and humor and characters you become invested in, there's these very real questions about life and the origins of life and what happens in the afterlife--if there is an afterlife."

These are the first few seeds of what could be Scott's ambitious comeback and continuation of the Alien franchise. The end goal is supposedly geared towards linking up with the original movie for a full circle.

Alien: Covenant will be out in theaters on May 19. It stars Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, Noomi Rapace, and Demian Bichir.

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