Alan Tudyk Wants To Be In The Han Solo Spin-Off

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So much hype is building around this Han Solo standalone movie; several people have been commenting on how great the script is, and people are expecting the "best Star Wars movie" to come out May of 2018. Apparently, Alan Tudyk — who played K-2SO in Rogue One — is also hyped, and he wants in on the movie.

In an interview with Uproxx, Tudyk talked about possibly returning to Star Wars, and he pitched a spin-off starring Cassian (Diego Luna) and K-2SO. He also said that he wanted to star in the Han Solo movie, but he thought that it already wrapped filming. When told that it actually started production, Tudyk said, "No, I want to be in that one, man."

It's actually possible for him to reappear as K-2SO since the movie will be around the same timeline as Rogue One. Tudyk wouldn't even have to be the same droid since there are hundreds of his model walking around the universe. What I would rather see, however, is a role calling back to his Firefly days when Tudyk himself was iconic pop-culture space pilot — Wash.

Hopefully directors Lord and Miller would hear about Tudyk's interest and put him in the film before it's too late. He's just a great actor, and the geeks just love him.

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