Alan Tudyk Reveals K-2SO’s Dramatic Ending Was Thanks To The Reshoots

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Star Wars fans who haven't seen Rogue One yet better head on out. This article discusses the actual and alternative endings of the spinoff film, and so if you'd want to remain spoiler free till you get a copy of the film, you'd better hurry along.

Fans who've already seen the film all know that while Jyn Erso (Felicit Jones) and Cassion Andor (Diego Luna) do succeed in beaming up the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance, only a few of the rebels who go down to Scariff get out alive. Jyn and her men die for the cause, including fan-favorite salt droid, K-2SO (Alan Tudyk).

Now, speaking with CinemaBlend during a Rogue One press event at ILM, Tudyk reveals the original end for the film's comic relief. K-2SO still dies, but the original end which was scripted has a different death for the droid.

"There was another ending. We shot a different ending. I mean, a different death for K-2. Krennic shot him. And, he still saves Jyn. He's still pushing the mission forward. But it wasn't as cool as [the final scene]. There was that moment. There was another moment there at that same control, but we sort of took two moments and made them into one in the reshoots. It was such a better way to end it."

It's good that Rogue One went with the reshoots – seeing the droid destroy the blast panels to stop the stormtroopers from getting to the Jyn and Cassian before they complete the mission and then falling over as a wave of troopers fire at him was a heroic moment for K-2SO. How about you? Which ending do you prefer?

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