30 Aug 2016 3:12 PM +00:00 UTC

Ahsoka's Voice Actor Thinks She is Alive in Star Wars Rebels

Ahsoka Tano's voice actor, Ashley Eckstein, doesn't know for sure whether her character is alive or not, but has hope she will return to Star Wars Rebels, ComicBook reports. It was ambiguous whether Ahsoka survived her encounter with Darth Vader in the season 2 finale and that was something Eckstein didn't expect. She didn't even know how the episode ended until she saw it in full.

The recording of the confrontation was definitely intense for Eckstein. "Matt Lanter [the voice actor for Darth Vader] recorded the ‘and now you shall die' line separately, but most of it we recorded together, and that was such an emotional day. I really don't cry that much! But when it comes to Ahsoka and these scenes it makes me emotional!" Eckstein said. "Life imitated art there; it was the end, the end of Ahsoka and Vader, and the end for me and Matt. To my knowledge, that's the last scene we'll ever do together. So the emotions were real."

She said she wasn't sure of the ending while recording. She said executive producer Dave Filoni didn't tell anyone how the episode would wrap up, but she knew she was leaving. "They all signed my script page, they let me keep the cover of my script, and Freddie Prinze Jr, Taylor Gray, Sam Witwer, they all signed it ‘Goodbye.' They had a going away party for me."


The final scene with Ahsoka shows her walking into the Sith temple, though she's obscured a bit by shadow. This gives Eckstein hope she lived and will return to the show for more stories. "n my opinion, and I don't know the truth, but I think she's alive. There's so much we don't know. Seeing her walk into that temple, I'm really hopeful that we'll get more of her someday in the future, and also get more from her past," she said. "With the Ahsoka novel coming out, we'll get a glimpse at that."

Eckstein revealed she was glad Dave Filoni designed a shirt based on the last bit with Ahsoka she could reveal to fans. That helped clear up confusion about whether or not it was her in that scene.

Like Eckstein, I hope Ahsoka returns. What do you think? Is Ahsoka alive? Do you want to see her come back?

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