Agents of SHIELD Will Have Another Inhuman Character

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Despite originally being on the chopping block of ABC, we will soon be getting the fifth season of Agents of SHIELD. Now that the show is one month away, Marvel has decided to show off some of the new characters that will be making an appearance this season. Most of them will be made for the show, but one of them actually comes from the comics and later becomes an Inhuman.

One character that will get the attention of comic fans is Flint, who is played by Coy Stewart. He's being described as a "young man who's been forced to grow up in a tough environment but hasn't lost the desire to make something of himself." Meeting SHIELD will supposedly change Flint's life, which should make him an interesting character in the show if anything else.

What the description doesn't tell fans is that Flint is an Inhuman in the comics and actually joins Medusa's society later on. As noted by co-creator Charles Soule on Twitter, Flint first appeared in Inhuman #3. He's since become a prominent member of the Inhumans and appeared with Crystal in the short-lived All-New Inhumans series.

Flint isn't the only Inhuman to appear in Agents of SHIELD. Lash, who debuted in Inhuman #1, was a villain in the series. It was also revealed that Chloe Bennet's character was Quake, who was originally a mutant in the comic but was later retconned to be an Inhuman.

Agents of SHIELD hits ABC on December 1.

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