AEW's Hikaru Shida Stuns Fans With Awesome Aerith Cosplay

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If your only exposure to Japanese wrestling star Hikaru Shida is through AEW Dynamite, then you'll know that she's a badass who likes to knee people in the face and skull. As one of the best female wrestlers on the planet, her matches tend to be hard-hitting and great, with bouts against Shana and Kris Statlander showing how great she is. However, Shida also has a soft and geeky side as the wrestler stunned fans with her cosplay of Aerith from Final Fantasy VII.

Not only does she look beautiful as Aerith but Shida can also play the character's theme song on the piano, showing just how skilled she is. Shida has cosplayed a bunch of characters in the past, as her Twitter shows and we're glad to see her do justice to a terrific character.


Fans of AEW, like yours truly, also find the cosplay amusing in a number of levels since we can imagine her taking Sephiroth's sword away, impaling him, then decapitating him with one of her signature knee attacks. $10 says that it's with her awesome Shining Wizard, though Shida could always use other moves.

With Final Fantasy VII Remake coming out in a few months, it's easy to see why everyone is giving this game a lot of love, especially after the most recent trailer gave us cross-dressing Cloud Strife. Expect more tributes to the game until the remake comes out, which is when fans will decide if this is a good or bad game.

Gotta love fandom.


Final Fantasy VII Remake comes to PS4 on April 10. AEW Dynamite airs every Wednesday night on TNT.

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