A Sub-Marinter Film or TV Project Reportedly Being Planned by Marvel

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It looks like Marvel has plans of pitting its own Water Man project as DC prepares Jason Mamoa's superhero solo as the King of Atlantis in Aquaman.

Last week, Reel News Hawaii revealed that The Inhumans mutant series by Marvel was being taken to a former 37,000 acre Naval facility on the island of Kalaeloa in Hawaii. However, though the Marvel Television and ABC television series is expected to be a massive project and is expected to generate an $80 to $100 million revenue for the local economy, it seems like The Inhumans won't be alone.

Now, Reel News Hawaii has taken to Twitter to announce that the Marvel Television series would be joined by two rival productions: DC's Aquaman and Marvel's Sub-Mariner.

Joe Queseda, Marvel's CCO made it clear last year that Namor the Sub-Mariner's rights were owned by Marvel Studios and it looks like they have some big plans for Marvel's water man. It's still uncertain whether Marvel plans to make a film for the Sub-Mariner or whether they have a television series in mind. Check back with us for further updates.

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