A Rare Spectacled Sighting Pops Up In Star Wars Rebels

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It might be a minute detail, but have you ever noticed that barely anyone in the Star Wars franchises wears glasses? Well, aside from bras, George Lucas believes that glasses really don't exist in space, arguing that spectacles were rare and unnecessary since advanced surgery and cybernetic implants would help those with deficient eyesight.

Though Star Wars Legends had a ton of spectacle wearers, the canon only had a handful of The Clone Wars characters who'd wear glasses on occasion, like Nuvo Vindi the mad Faust scientist, the monacle-wearing Gorga the Hutt, and Gubacher, a Parwan Doctor.


Now, it seems like the canon franchise is going to introduce another spectacled character, this time in DisneyXD animated series, Star Wars Rebels.

Lucasfilm has just recently released a sneak peek for this weekend's episode, Double Agent Droid, and in the clip we get to see an Imperial specialist wearing what seems to be a pair of proper glasses – the very first in the canon franchise. The sneak peek shows the specialist trying to plot something against Chopper, the Ghost Crew's handy droid. Based on the title and the description of the clip, it looks like he's going to turn the droid into a double agent.

Check the sneak peek here:

Pitting Chopper as a double agent for the Empire and adding on a character with actual glasses puts so much excitement for the Star Wars Rebels fans. Not only are they going to get another thrilling episode, but they'll also get to have a rare spectacle sighting in Double Agent Droid. Could this mean that Lucas' no glasses in space rule is no longer applicable? Let's wait and see.

Star Wars Rebels airs every Saturday at 8:30 pm ET/PT on DisneyXD.

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