A Police Station In Michigan Is Using Stranger Things Spoilers To Prevent Crime

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Stranger Things was one of the biggest shows to come out of Netflix last year, and Halloween saw the release of the fantastic second season. With the show being chock-full of mysteries, a police station in Michigan has found an interesting way to stop people from committing crimes using Stranger Things spoilers.

They posted up this warning on Twitter:


First off, I think anyone who hasn't finished Stranger Things 2 until now is probably not that invested in the series at all, but you have to appreciate the sense of humor the East Lansing Police have. Still, I'm imagining the confusion of some people who haven't seen the show, and they're taken in there and they see their cell is covered in pictures of a young girl with a shaved head and bleeding nose.

Though I thought the second season of ST was still great, I think the first season still had a more compact story. Though I love the new characters in Season 2, the show is admittedly starting to feel a bit more crowded, and the seventh episode really took away at the main story's narrative momentum.

That's just my 2 cents.

If you still haven't finished Stranger Things 2 until now, I'm just going to assume that you don't really care if the series is spoiled. Either way, it's still a great watch.

Catch Stranger Things 2 now out on Netflix.

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