A New X-Men Animated Series Will Reportedly Be Released Later This Year

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Later this year, Marvel is set to relaunch all of its X-titles under the banner "ResurrXion," introducing several solo titles and three new team books. The comic book company is hoping that it will be a return to X-Men glory days following the Inhumans vs. X-Men showdown, and according to Bleeding Cool, this could mean that we'll see more X-Men outside of comics. That means we'll see more mutants in games, toys, and apparently, a new animated show.

The site said that the development of the new series began when Fox and Marvel worked together for the live-action X-Men series including Legion and the Matt Nix-created series that was recently revealed. The site went on to say that an official announcement will be made later this year.


It's likely that the announcement will be made at a big convention event like San Diego Comic-Con or Wondercon.

Clearly, there's no official word yet about this news, so take it as a grain of salt. If ever we'd see a new X-Men animated series later this year, hopefully it would be as enjoyable as the 90's animated series that I loved. I'm just hoping that they'd make an anime-style series for it.

Do you want to see a new X-Men series from Marvel Animation later this year?

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