29 Aug 2016 11:23 PM +00:00 UTC

A Major Doctor Strange Spoiler May Have Been Leaked by Dan Harmon

Warning: The following article contains what could be a major spoiler for Marvel's Doctor Strange.

Dan Harmon, the mind behind Community, has been involved in the production of Marvel's Doctor Strange, and he may have leaked a massive spoiler a month ago that nobody realized until now.

Last week, word broke that the studio brought Harmon to write some scenes for "additional photography", for the film, presumably to include more humor to the screenplay. Now, there's word that Harmon may have accidentally dropped the true villain of the film.

During Harmon's "Harmontown" presentation at San Diego Comic-Con, the writer opened up his computer desktop for the audience to see, so he could tease the fans with the potential future of Community, but another document seems to have caught people's attention, the one that reads "Strange confronts Dormammu."


Dormammu, the ruler of the dark dimension, is one of Doctor Strange's most powerful adversaries, and at this point, only Mads Mikkelsen's Kaecillius was the only villain expecting to appear Chiwetel Ejiofor is playing Mordo in the film, but that character isn't being portrayed as a villain in the trailers. So far, there has been no reference to Dormammu, but if this document is true, as fans on the Reddit post seem to claim, then it could show us an aspect of the movie that we haven't seen yet, or possibly reveal where the film's plot will head.

Is Dormammu the power behind Mads Mikkelsen's character? It's possible that the villain might appear in the post-credits scene. We might not see the character until Doctor Strange's sequels, but I won't be surprised if he actually shows up by the film's third act.

Doctor Strange will hit theaters on November 4, 2016.

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