A Legendary Pokemon is Returning To Pokemon Go This Weekend

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The first ever Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go is set to return to the game for a two-week period.

Today, Pokemon Go announced that Lugia would be back to the game starting on March 15 and would be the game's featured Legendary Pokemon for April. Lugia is also getting a "newly improved" version of Sky Attack, a Flying-Type charge move. The base attack strength for Sky Attack will probably be increased so players will use it more.


Pokemon the Movie: Everyone's Story, this year's upcoming Pokemon film, will focus on Lugia.

Bringing back Lugia would help give players some reprieve, especially those who are complaining about the game's "raid fatigue". Finding a new Legendary Raid Battle to beat every week could be tiring for some players.

Lugia will appear in Pokemon Go from March 15 to April 2.

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