A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Gargantuan 500,000-Piece Lego Death Star Installation at LEGOLAND

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If there’s one thing we know about LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, it’s that they never skip out on making an effort in all their installations. Once again, the Lego-themed hotel attests to this fact with its most recent gargantuan creation – the LEGO Death Star.

Made up of a whopping 500,000 LEGO bricks, the creation is one of the biggest models ever created in the resort. It measures 2.4 meters wide and 3 meters high and weighs a massive 806 kg.

According to LEGOLAND’s PR Manager Lauren Moss, the LEGO Death Star took 15 months to build. The animation, sounds, and lights, as well as getting all the pieces together including rebel fighters took 6 weeks to finish.

The mega Death Star piece was recently installed at the LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland Model Display in LEGOLAND.

Check out how they did it in the behind-the-scenes video below:



The LEGO Death Star will be available for public viewing when the resort and display opens on March 11.