9 Best Moments From Justice League

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For many longtime comic book fans, the prospect of seeing a live-action iteration of the Justice League on the big screen is something they’ve dreamed of for their entire lives. Now, that dream has finally come to fruition, though much to the dismay of those still feeling the effects of the Wonder Woman high, the result is another polarizing entry in the DCEU’s growing slate of films.

Nevertheless, whether Justice League blew you away or left you wanting more (this particular writer falls into the former category), a number of fans and critics still seem to be in agreement that the latest DCEU blockbuster contains some truly “super” moments. This is your one and only spoiler warning because we’re about to take a look at the 9 best moments from Justice League:

  1. Enter Batman

    The last time fans saw Ben Affleck’s take on the Caped Crusader was in 2016’s Suicide Squad, and while we only got a taste of Batman’s post-BvS brand of justice in that film, Justice League wastes little time reminding us what makes Batfleck so great. We begin with a thug stepping onto a rooftop while leaving the scene of his latest heist, and we soon catch a glimpse of the Dark Knight’s reflection in a window. Realizing he’s not alone, the criminal rightfully begins to panic as Batman swings in, making quick work of his prey and using his fear to lure out a parademon he’s been tracking. Everything about this scene is pure, unadulterated Batman, from the gadgets to the acrobatics to the intimidation factor, and his handling of the parademon is practically ripped straight from the page of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League: Origin (arguably the best arc of the New 52 Justice League outside of Darkseid War).

  2. Enter Wonder Woman

    Unlike Batman, it’s only been a few months since we saw Gal Gadot’s Amazon Princess on the big screen, but that doesn’t make it any less satisfying when she graces us with her presence. Prior to her arrival, we witness a group of men with plenty of weapons in tow storm a museum that just happens to be the site of a school field trip. Rather than a simple robbery, though, it appears that the leader of the group has his heart set on inciting mayhem by leveling the building with a suitcase bomb. However, before the bomb can go off, Diana arrives on the scene, quickly reminding fans why they fell in love with her this past June. The fight choreography is right on par with that of Wonder Woman, but the biggest crowd-pleaser is when Diana deflects not just one, but an entire magazine of bullets from an assault rifle when the bomber attempts to turn the schoolchildren into his own personal shooting range.

  3. The Green Lantern Appearance

    One of the biggest questions going into Justice League was whether or not Green Lantern would make an appearance and if so, which one? Well, the answer to that question is yes, more than one, and we don’t know who. It happens when Diana’s explaining to Bruce who Steppenwolf is, recounting the tale of the Amazons, the Atlanteans, and the many tribes of man joining forces over 5,000 years ago to fend off an attack by the Apokolyptian General and his army of parademons. During the flashback, we see that among the forces of good are several members of the Green Lantern Corps, as evidenced by their vibrant green constructs and glowing power rings. In fact, one of them even pays the ultimate price during the battle, and once his lifeless body hits the ground, his ring flies off into space, presumably to find a new iron-willed user. It’s unclear who any of these Lanterns are, but if nothing else, it’s a fun Easter egg and our first visible proof that the Corps exists in the DCEU.

  4. Steppenwolf Storms Themyscira

    Ciarán Hinds’ Steppenwolf wasn’t the strongest foil Justice League could have gone with, but when he invades Themyscira to steal one of the Motherboxes, it’s like we’re being transported right back to the beachfront fight in Wonder Woman (OK, maybe not THAT great). Once again, the stunning fight choreography and spectacular cinematography perfectly capture the beauty, grace, and power of the Amazons, and it’s great to see Connie Nielson’s Queen Hippolyta get her hands dirty against Steppenwolf, even if it was no avail. 

  5. The League Vs. Steppenwolf, Round One

    Prior to the climactic battle, the near-complete team of Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Cyborg encounter Steppenwolf for the first time underneath Gotham Harbor. It’s our first real taste of how the heroes interact with one another during combat, and it’s fun to see the budding dynamic of the old guard (Batman and Wonder Woman) and the newcomers (Flash and Cyborg). Even before Aquaman literally washes ashore to join the scuffle, every character gets time to shine. Flash gets his first big hero moment, Cyborg proves that he’s a heavy-hitter in his own right, Wonder Woman asserts herself as a worthy opponent for Steppenwolf, and Batman… he’s just Batman! 

  6. In My Movie, It Means Hope

    The scene in which Henry Cavill’s Superman is resurrected, while undeniably comic-booky, is hardly the hope-instilled second coming fans were expecting. That moment comes later when Superman joins the other heroes while they take their second stand against Steppenwolf. “I believe in truth,” Supes says as he confronts Steppenwolf, “but I’m also a big fan of justice.” Is it a cheesy line? Of course. Is it one of the most comic-book-accurate things Cavill’s Superman has ever said? One hundred percent. The once-melodramatic Man of Steel even manages to add some refreshing comic relief when he flies past Flash, calls him a slowpoke, and then one-ups him by carrying an entire apartment building full of civilians to safety after Flash finishes saving a family of four in a pickup truck. Say what you will about Justice League as a whole, but it’s hard to dispute that the future of the DCEU – at least as it pertains to Superman – is looking pretty bright. 

  7. ‘Room For More’

    By the time the film comes to a close, not only is the Justice League firmly established but Bruce even appears to offer up a wing of the previously vacant Wayne Manor to be the team’s new headquarters. As he, Diana, and Alfred scout the location, Bruce points to the center of the hall (of Justice?) and mentions adding a big round table and six chairs. “With room for more,” adds Diana, seemingly foreshadowing an expanded team roster the next time the League assembles on the big screen.

  8. Superman Vs. The Flash

    Superman and Flash have been racing one another in the comics for decades, so it’s only fitting that this new chapter of the DCEU come to a close with a callback to this often revisited storyline. After being alluded to in previously mentioned final battle, we get a mid-credits scene in which we see Superman and Flash preparing to determine who’s really the fastest hero alive. The banter between Barry and Clark is lighthearted and amusing, and while the scene stops short of showing us who the victor is, it’s still an incredibly fun Easter egg for longtime comic book fans.

  9. Deathstroke (And The Injustice League Tease)

    We knew early on into production that Jesse Eisenberg would reprise his role as Lex Luthor in Justice League, but not in what capacity. Then, amidst the countless shakeups over the summer, it seemed as though Eisenberg’s scenes had been completely cut from the film. However, not only does Eisenberg show up but he does so in arguably the most exciting way possible. It begins when we see a shadowy figure aboard a speedboat in the post-credits scene. The boat then pulls up alongside a luxurious yacht, and when the shadowy figure boards the ship, we see that it’s Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke. Lex greets the mercenary, who removes his helmet to reveal his extremely comic-book accurate Slade Wilson look. After offering him a drink, Lex then presents Slade with an intriguing offer by suggesting that they form “a league of [their] own,” which is a clear nod to the Injustice League – Lex’s villainous answer to the Justice League from the source material. Whether this is a simple Easter egg or a sign of things to come remains to be seen, but whatever the case may be, it’s by far the biggest shocker of the movie

    What about you? What were your favorite moments from Justice League? Let us know in the comments section!