80s Series The Greatest American Hero Getting A Reboot With A Female Lead

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With almost everything from the 80s getting a gritty reboot, it was only a matter of time before 80s cult classic The Greatest American Hero was going to fall into the same net. News has it that ABC is working on renewing the show, and this time around, the lead will be a woman.

Here's a simple synopsis of the original show:

A teacher is asked to be a superhero using a special alien suit with powers he can barely understand or control.

According to Deadline, the new lead for the show will be a 30-year-old Indian-American woman named Meera, and the story starts when "some aliens entrust her with a super suit to protect the planet, and the world has never been in more unreliable hands."


ABC has ordered the pilot for the show, with each episode following the half-hour format. Showrunners are also said to be Rachna Fruchbom (Fresh Off the Boat) and Nahnatchka Khan.

I can already imagine a lot of fanboys complaining about the PC nature of the reboot, but it seems like something that could be interesting. With a saturation of superhero movies and TV shows, we'll just have to see where The Greatest American Hero will land with audiences.

No official release date has been announced for The Greatest American Hero reboot.

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