60 Interesting Pokemon Facts You Probably Didn't Know

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The world of Pokémon is filled with so many unique and interesting creatures and facts. From the manga to movies, I’ve traveled across the land of the Internet searching far and wide. Throughout my journeys, I have found 60 of the most interesting facts about the Pokémon universe. With these facts you can impress your friend with Pokemon master level knowledge. 

  1. The Pokemon Creators' Favorite Pokemon

    Pokémon Satoshi Tajiri’s favorite Pokémon is actually Poliwhirl. It was Red’s first Pokémon in Pokémon Adventure.

  2. IGN Poll Ranks The Most Popular Pokemon Of All Time

    In an IGN poll for "Greatest Pokemon Of All Time" fans voted Charizard at #1.

  3. Mew In Gen 1

    Mew was added into Pokemon Red and Blue  without Nintendo's premission or knowlege. It was a risky move, because Mew was added after they had already finished debugging the game.

  4. Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen Anti-Hack

    If you hack into a copy of Pokemon Firered or Leafgreen, a sailor will stop you and tell you to buy the game or die. This is an actual message from Gamefreak.

  5. A bunch of Spinda patterns

    There are over 4 billion different patterns that a Spinda can have in its sprite.

  6. Diglett has feet, but no one knows what it looks like.

  7. Gen 1 Was Supposed to Have 190 Pokemons

    There were 190 set to be released in Gen 1, but 39 were removed. Among this list were Scizor, Shuckle and Marill.

  8. The chance of Mew appearing from a Pokeball in Super Smash Bros.

    Mew had a 1/151 chance to appear in Super Smash Bros. A 1/251 chance to appear in Melee, and a 1/493 percent chance of appearing in Brawl. The numbers match up with the total number of pokemon at the time.

  9. Secret Behind the GS Ball.

    The GS Ball was supposed to contain Celebi, but Celebi was chosen as the star for Pokémon Forever. So, the ball was given to Kurt and hoped that fans would forget about it.

  10. The Original Pokemon Stadium only featured 42 playable Pokemon.

  11. Munna's Secret Reference in Pokemon Red and Blue

    Munna was referenced in Pokemon Red and Blue over a decade before it was released.

  12. The Most Search Topic in the Internet

    Pokemon was the second most searched topic on the Internet in 1999, only losing to PORN

  13. No Poison Type Legendary Pokemon

    There are no poison type legendary pokemon, unless you count Arceus holding a toxic plate.

  14. The first pure flying type was first introduced in Gen. 5

    The first pure flying type wasn't introduced until Gen 5, it was Tornadus.

  15. To date, nobody knows why Brock had to leave Professor Ivy

  16. Victini was only made for the 14th Pokemon movie, and only added into Black & White in late development.

  17. Pokemon X and Y were in development before Pokemon Black & White.

  18. Smosh, the famous YouTube channel, first video was of them lip-syncing the Pokemon theme song.

  19. Mew was the first pokemon to receive a trademark in 1990.

  20. Pokemon has been referenced on House and E.R.

  21. If a pokemon had every single type its only weakness would be rock type moves.

    trust me on this

  22. Feebas is the only pokemon whose evolution process changed between generations.

    In Gen 3 and 4 Feebas evolved by leveling up with high happiness. However, in Gen 5 onward Feebas had to be traded holding a prism scale.

  23. As of Pokemon X and Y episode 35 Ash has 72 acquired pokemon, which is one tenth of all known pokemon.

  24. N's real name is Natural Harmonia Gropius.

  25. Wooper can learn ice punch.

  26. Over 16 billion Pokemon cards have been printed to date.

  27. The longest single road in a Pokemon game is Seabreak path, which can only be unlocked by having the event item Oak's Letter.

  28. Deino, Zweilous and Hydreigon were originally going to based off army tanks.

  29. Typhlosion and Charizard have the EXACT same base stats.

  30. Ash's english name was almost Casey.

    Thank goodness they went with Ash.

  31. Pokemon is the 13th longest anime to date

    The premier  of Pokemon X and Y series Kalos was the 800 th episode of the anime.

  32. The Master Ball had a 1/255 chance of failing in Gen 1.

    In all the other Pokemon games the Master Ball has a 1/65536 chance of failing.

  33. Only two dozen children had seizures because of the Pokemon episode

    The rest complained of mild headaches, which promted their parents to take them to the hospital.

  34. Psyduck's original name was Golduck and Golduck's original name was Psyduck

  35. Nidoking and Nidoqueen have different egg groups and cannot breed together.

    However, Nidoking and nidoran(female) can breed.

  36. Pokemon Red and Blue wanted to include an option for players to choose a female character.

    Developers wanted to include the feature, but they ran out of space to add it.

  37. There are four guaranteed shiny Pokemon that trainers can choose in the Pokemon games.

    They are Gyarados in Gens 2 and 4, and Gible, Dratini, and Axew in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.

  38. There is only one game where players can get a legit Mew.

    In Pokemon Emerald, Mew can be found on Faraway Island which requires the event item old sea map

  39. Diamond and Pearl was the only Pokemon generation not to have an episode banned.

  40. Pokemon Red and Blue are the second best selling Gameboy game of all time

    The best selling gameboy game of all time was Tetris.

  41. According to legend, Lucario was the first Pokemon to Mega Evolve.

  42. Pokemon The First Movie was the highest grossing anime ever in North America

  43. Barrage, Struggle, Leech Life and Kinesis have never been seen in the anime even though they have been around since Gen 1.

  44. Pokemon Company International is responsible for more dubbed anime episodes than 4 Kids.

  45. Pokemon The First Movie was the top grossing animated film ever for two weeks.

    It was then crushed by Toy Story 2.

  46. Ash's American voice actor, Veronica Taylor, was only 19 when she started voicing him.

  47. Due to Meowth learning to speak human, it could no longer learn any new moves.

  48. Ash's journey was only originally only going to last a year and a half.

    Due to the popularity creators decided to continue the series.

  49. Pokemon The First movie was planned to be the grand finale of the Pokemon series.

    Since creators had decided to continue the series a lot of Pokemon The First Movie had to be revised.

  50. Ash is based off of Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri.

    Even though Red from Pokemon Adventures starts off with Poliwhirl Tajiri's favorite Pokemon. 

  51. The Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew movie (8th) was nominated for Best Animated Film Award

    It however lost to Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

  52. Kalos is a real Greek word that means Beauty

    Kalos is indeed a thing of beauty.

  53. Casey Rogers is the only actor to provide a Pokemon's voice in every movie.

    He voiced Wobbuffet mostly.

  54. In Pokemon Adventures, Yellow has the oldest working Pokedex

  55. Disney owns distribution rights to the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Pokemon movies.

  56. Herman Cain quoted Pokemon lyrics in his 2012 presidential campaign.

    Spoken like a Pokemon master.

  57. Gen 5, which introduced the most Pokemon, was followed by Gen 6 which introduced the least.

  58. The Pokemon Card

    Only six exist in the whole world. The last time one was sold it brought in a whopping $ 20,000.

  59. Don't Say You Love Me was a hit a year before it released thanks to its popularity on Pokemon The First Movie

  60. Mr. Mine can be a female, even though she would still have Mr. at the front of her name.

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