59 Fascinating Mario Facts That You Probably Didn't Know

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The Mario series is one of the most well known video game franchises in existence. As with another video game franchise, the Mario Series has many interesting facts that are not well known. We have gathered 59 of these to create the largest Mario fact list you will find. So without further adieu, let us begin:

  1. Chain Chomps Break Free

    If you have ever played Mario then you are probably familiar with Chain Chomps. What you may not know is that if they lunge 47 times then their chains will start flashing and after 50 lunges they will break free from their chain.

  2. Boo's Origin

    The director of Super Mario 64, Shigeru Miyamoto, wanted Super Mario to be as realistic as possible. It was for that reason that Boo was created. Miyamoto stated that Boo was based on the assistant Director Takashi Tezuka's wife. He explained that Tezuka's wife was usually quiet but one day blew up at Tezuka. This was the inspiration for Boo.

  3. Nintendo

    Mario Party is one of the more successful Mario series ever, even holding the record for the longest running mini-games series. The first Mario Party was released in 1998. The game was so popular that it even recieved complaints that it gave kids blisters. This is because the kids would use the palm of their hands rather than their thumb or index finger. Nintendo recieved around 100 complaints but no lawsuits were filed. Nintendo decided to give gloves to everyone who had recieved a blister and they also paid $75,000 in state legal fees.

  4. Jumping Over The Pole

    If you have ever played Super Mario Bros. for the NES then you know most of the levels end in a flag, 24 out of the 32 to be exact. You also know that the higher you jump the more points you can make. What you may not know is that there is a way to jump over the pole completely. In fact there are 2 different methods. The first method will only work on level 3-3, where Mario can jump over the flagpole with the help of a lift. The other method involves hitting a turtle just as it is falling into a pit. This will cause a glitch to occur in which the turtle will run along the bottom of the screen. If you can keep the turtle in sight, you can use the turtle for an extra bounce to push you over the flagpole. This method works on many of the levels that have turtles in them. So what happens when you complete this? You run on an endless road until the time runs out and you die.

  5. Yoshi's Origin

    Yoshi did not appear until 1990 in Super Mario World but you may not have known that Mario creator, Shigeru Miyomoto, wanted Mario to ride a dinosaur in the first Super Mario Bros. game. Unfortunately, this was impossible due to the limitations of the technology. Yoshi finally debuted in 1990 (1991 in the US) and is now one of the most popular Mario characters.


  6. Konpieto

    If you have played Super Mario Galaxy then you know what "Star Bits" are. You may have also noticed similarly shaped items called "Gratitude Crystals" in the Zelda game Skyward Sword. The reason for this is because both items are based on a traditional Japanese candy called Konpieto. Konpieto has been around since the 1500s and is the same word in Portuguese for candy.


  7. Jason Voorhees

    Many of you recognize the name Jason as the crazy maniac with a hockey mask. What you may not know is that he appeared in a Halloween themed world in Super Mario Land 3. Pictured above he even has a knife sticking out of his mask.

  8. Tanooki

    The word Tanooki comes from a Japanese animal that is part dog and part raccoon. This animal was the inspiration for one of Marios power-ups which allows him to fly and turn into stone. PETA (The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is outraged with the power-up stating that even though no animals were harmed in the making of the game, it still is sending the message that it is ok to wear fur.

  9. How

    Most of the Mario fans know that before he was "Mario" he was known as "Jumpman". What caused his name to change? At the time that Nintendo was working on Donkey Kong they were renting a warehouse owned by a man named Mario Segale. When Nintendo fell back on its payments Mario came knocking on the door. After promising to pay him the money they owed, Nintendo decided to rename "Jumpman" to Mario.

  10. Super Mario 3 Is A Stage

    It has already been confirmed that the USA version of Super Mario Bros. 2 was all a dream. There is also rumors that the third intallment of the series was all a play. Don't believe me? Look at the evidence in the image above.

  11. Mario Party 8 Was Banned In The UK for Having The Word

    When the games was initially release on the Wii in July of 2007, Nintendo issued a recall of all the copies due to a "production error" that made it so the word spastic was shown. In one part the Koopa Kamek stated "Magikoopa Magic! Turn the train spastic! Make this ticket tragic!" The word spastic is considered an insult in the UK as it is a negative word associated with the disabled. When it was released again in August the word was replaced with "erratic".

  12. Mario is about to die on the cover of Super Mario Bros

    As you can see, the cover image of Mario shows that Mario is about to fall into the Lava.

  13. Mario and Luigi in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    The guy on the left who looks like Mario is called Talon and the gut who looks like Luigi is named Ingo. In the game Talon is the owner of a cattle ranch in Hyrule buy the name of Lon Lon Ranch. Ingo is a ranch hand. As you can see these characters resemble those of Mario and Luigi. There are a few indicators that increase this similarity as Talon is alwasy stealing the spotlight from Ingo, just as Mario steals the spotlight from Luigi. Lastly, Talon's daughter and himself wear necklaces resembling Bowser.

  14. Playing Super Mario Sunchine Can Make You A More Helpful Person

    Typically the media portrays video games as a factor in violence. Reseach, on the other hand has shown that playing games such as Super Mario Sunshine can actually improve your social skills and make you a more helpful person. The research also discovered that the link between videogames and violence is dependent upon the content of the videogame itself rather than the act of playing videogames.

  15. Mario is Contributing to the Death of Thousands In Mushroom Kingdom!

    The Instruction Guide that was included with Super Mario Bros. describes how the Koopas turned the inhabitants of Mushroom Kingdom into blocks. This means that when Mario is smashing these blocks, he is contributing to the deaths of thousands of Mushroom Kingdom inhabitants.

  16. Mario Mushrooms Are Based On Real Mushrooms

    The mushrooms seen in Super Mario Bros. are actually based on real mushrooms. The mushrooms, when consumed, give you the feeling that you are growing in size.

  17. Luigi is

    The name Luigi comes from the Japanese word "Ruiji" which translates to mean "similar".

  18. Original Mario Kart 64 Line-Up

    Originally Magikoopa was going to take the place of Donkey Kong in Mario Kart 64.

  19. Yoshi Was Going To Be A Koopa

    In the game Super Mario World, Yoshi was originally going to be a Koopa. On top of that his saddle was a shell.

  20. Sonic Inspired by Super Mario Bros.

    The creator of Sonic the Hedgehog was inspired to create the game after attempting to get through the first level of Super Mario Bros. as fast as possible.

  21. Mario's Original Wardrobe

    We all know that Mario has a red shirt with blue overalls. What you may not know is that before Super Nintendo, Mario's outfit was reversed with red overalls and a blue shirt.

  22. Mario's Different Names

    Everyone knows by now that before he was known as Mario, Mario was called "Jumpman". What most people do not know is that before that he was called "Mr. Video" and his original name was "Ossan" which literally means "Middle-Aged Guy".

  23. Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Stared Yoshi

    There was a prototype for a game starring Yoshi. The games name was Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.

  24. Bullet Bill and Torpedo Ted Reference

    The characters Bullet Bill and Torpedo Ted are thought to be a reference to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

  25. Wario is

    Wario is a shortened version of "Warui Mario". The Word Warui is Japanese for "Bad". This is also true for Waluigi which is an American version of "Waruigi".

  26. Nintendo Owns Mario Porn Rights

    Nintendo does not want there to be any negative associations of their games. That is why Nintendo acquired the rights to Super Hornio Brothers and Super Hornio Brothers 2, which are porn parodies of the games.

  27. Boo's Laugh

    The laugh of Boo in Super Mario 64 is actuallyjust Bowser's laugh sped up.

  28. Donkey Kong Was Going to be Popeye

    Before Donkey Kong came out, Nintendo was planning on using Popeye as the main character. Before development finished, Nintendo lost the rights to Popeye. As a result they replaced Popeye with Mario,  Bluto with Donkey Kong, and Olive Oyl with Princess Peach.

  29. Super Mario Bros. 3 Japanese Island

    In Super Mario Bros. 3 there is an island that resembles Japan. This island has a castle that is located similarly to where Kyoto is in Japan, which also happens to be the home of the Nintendo headquarters.

  30. Chomp Chain Terrorized Shigeru Miyamoto

    The idea for the Chain Chomp was the result of a dog that lived in Shigeru Miyamoto's neighborhood when he grew up. He stated that the dog terrorized him when he was young.

  31. Playing Super Mario 64 Helps With Learning

    Research was conducted that showed that playing Super Mario 64 helped with fine motor skills, memory, strategic planning, and spatial orientation.

  32. Mario was voiced by Optimus Prime

    Mario has been voiced by many actors over the years including, Peter Cullen, who is known for voicing Optimus Prime. This period was when Mario was in the 1983 show Saturday Supercade's Donkey Kong.

  33. The Name Mario Has Been Used By Other Nintendo Characters

    Wario is the first example of the shared name as Wario is simply Mario with a W instead of a M. Also Captain Olimar from Pikman is a backwards spelling of Mario.

  34. Wart Was In A Zelda Game

    Wart was the villian in Super Mario Bros. 2, who was also spotted in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening in which he went by his original name "Mamu" and helped Link by teaching him a song.

  35. Shigeru Miyamoto's Role in Super Mario Land

    When fans hear of Shigeru Miyamoto they think of him as one of the fathers of Mario, but in fact one of the earliest Mario games, Shigeru played no part in. Super Mario Land was the first Mario game for the Gameboy. Shigeru played no part in its creation and it was actually created by Gunpei Yokoi, the original developer of the Gameboy.

  36. Starman Was First Power-Up With Eyes

    In more recent Mario games you can find mushrooms and flowers with eyes but this characteristic was first introduced on Starman.

  37. Birdo is Transgendered

    In the original manual for Super Mario Bros. 2 it stated that Birdo is a guy who thinks that he is a girl.

  38. Super Mario Bros. 2 is Doki Doki Panic

    Super Mario Bros. 2 was originally and American adaptaion of the Japanese title: Doki Doki Panic. The "real" Super Mario Bros. 2 as we know it is known as The Lost Levels.

  39. Super Mario Bros. 2 Define Luigi's Character

    The Super Mario Bros. 2 as we know it is the officially called the Lost Levels. This was the first game where Luigi was taller than Mario. This helped separate Luigi from Mario.

  40. Chain Chomps Were A Result of A Traumatic Event

    Shigeru Miyamoto created Chain Chomps as a resemblence to a dog that was in his childhood neighborhood. The Chain Chomps pull on their chain because the dog would chase Miyamoto until it reached the end of its chain.

  41. Mario Wasn't Always a Plumber

    Mario first appeared in Donkey Kong and he was a carpenter for the building that Donkey Kong was on top of. His profession later changed when pipes became the focus of Mario arcade games.

  42. Gameboy Camera Mascot Was Bear From Super Mario Land 2

    In Super Mario Land 2's Mario Zone you can find a bear rolling on top of a ball. That was the bears only appearance in the Mario franchise but the bear also became the loading symbol for the Gameboy Camera when he would roll around on his ball.

  43. Super Mario Land 2's Mario Zone Was a Toy Advertisement

    The Mario Zone of Super Mario Land 2 has a toy theme to it. At certain points you can see the letters N & B on the walls. N & B was a toy manufacturer in Japan and before Nintendo ventured into videogames they sold some of N & B's products. 

  44. Bowser's Fireball is Backwards

    If you look at the image above you can see that the trail of the fireball is in the wrong direction.

  45. The Clouds And Bushes In Super Mario Bros. Use The Same Sprite

    Due to the graphical limitations for the game Nintendo had to use the same sprite for the clouds and the bushes. As you can see in the image above they are the same except for the colors used.

  46. Super Mario Bros. 3 Was Not The Only Mario Game That Didn't Happen

    By now everyone knows that both Super Mario Bros 2 and 3 did not actually happen. Several other games such as the Mario Party Series also take place in dreams.

  47. Super Mario Had a Sequel (Not Super Mario Bros 2 or Lost Levels

    There was a sequel to Super Mario Bros that was not The Lost Levels or Super Mario Bros. 2. The sequel was only released for the NEC-PC8801 abd Sharp X1 and was titled Super Mario Bros Secret. The game brought back elements from Donkey Kong such as the barrels, fire enemies, as well as flies, icicles, and crabs from the Arcade version of Mario Bros. The game also introduced new power-ups like the hammer, the clock, and the P-Wing.

  48. Super Mario Bros Was The First Videogame Based Movie

    Super Mario Bros was the first videogame based movie and it really sucked.

  49. Shigeru Miyamoto Thought The Movie Was Too Similar To The Game

    Shigeru Miyamoto felt that the failure of the Super Mario Bros movie was a result of it being too similar to the videogame.

  50. Mario's Design Was A Way Of Coping With Graphical Limitations

    Mario's features were a way to deal with the graphical limitations of the technology available. His moustashe was created because it was easier than drawing a mouth on Mario. He has a hat because it was easier than coming up with hair. Lastly, Mario was given overalls so that the players can tell that Marios arms are moving back and forth.

  51. Mario Drug Jokes Are More Than A Joke

    By now everyone has joked that Mario is a druggie getting high off of mushrooms. As we have discussed earlier the mushrooms that are in the game are a resemblance of a real mushroom with psychadelic features. Miyamoto has also stated that he used mushrooms as an allegory for the drug use in Alice in Wonderland.

  52. Translation Errors Caused 2 Items Names To Go Unchanged

    Two Items, Jugem's Shoe and Kuribo's Cloud, did not change names as planned due to technical errors. This is even despite the fact that the names of the characters who used them changed.

  53. The Koopa Kids Are Named After Musicians

    The seven Koopa Kids are named after the following musicians:

    Lemmy Kilmister, Ludwig von Beethoven, Roy Orbison, Wendy o. Williams, Iggy Pop, Larry Mullen Jr., and Morton Downey Jr.

  54. How To Make A White Mushroom House Appear

    In order for a White Mushroom House to appear you must beat a certain level in each world by collecting a certain amount of coins (usually all of them).

  55. How To Spawn A Money Ship

    In order for a money ship to spawn, the second number in your score as well as both digits in your coins must match. This will only work in worlds 1, 2, 5, and 6.

  56. The Special Stages in World 8

    The special stages seen in World 8 of Super Mario Bros. 3 represent the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines in Bowser's Army.

  57. Picking A Chest In A Mushroom House

    When you pick  a chest in a mushroom house your choice does not make any difference as the item you recieve is chosen as you enter the mushroom house.

  58. The Map of World 7

    If you look at the map of World 7 you can see that it resembles 3 pipes found throughout the game.

  59. Using Warp Whistle In Warp Zone

    If you use the Warp Whistle in the Warp Zone you will be sent to World 8.