51 Incredible Facts From The Dragon Ball Series

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With the release of Dragon Ball Super in Japan, now is the perfect time to dig up some facts from the The Dragon Ball series. Using every movie, every game and all the series ranging from the original Dragon Ball to GT series, I have compiled the 51 most interesting facts about the Dragon Ball franchise. Check them out

  1. Goku's English Voice Actor Faints While Voicing Goku's Transformation To Super Saiyan 4

    Sean Shemmel fainted while voiceing Goku's transformation to Super Sayain 4.

  2. Piccolo is Dragon Ball Creator Akira Toriyama's Favorite Character

    Toriyama said, “It really is cliché when bad guys turn into good guys, but it just feels great drawing it!”

  3. Goku Used The Kamehameha Wave 97 Times Throughout The Series

    The Spirit Bomb was only used 8 times.

  4. Launch Wasn't A Regular Character In Dragon Ball Z, Because Toriyama Forgot She Existed

    She was seen drowning her sorrows in a bar after Nappa killed Tien and she was mentioned once in Dragon Ball Z: Kai by Bulma. She is breifly seen in the last episode of Dragon Ball Z giving Goku her energy for the Spirit Bomb to kill Kid Buu.

  5. Vegeta Actually Went Super Saiyan 3

    Vegeta went Super Saiyan 3 in a 2009 video game Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Battlers, it was only released in Japan.

  6. Buma's Name Translates To Panties

    Bulma and all her children are all named after articles of clothing.

  7. Nappa Had Hair At Some Point

    Nobody knows if he shaved it off, or went bald.

  8. Goten Was Originally Created With The Idea Of Replacing Goku

    The idea was changed after fan's widely dispproved.

  9. Namekians Don't Technically Have Genders

    They produce asexually by spitting out eggs.

  10. Goku and Yajirobe Both Appear Twice When All The Manga Books Are Alligned

  11. Kid Buu Kills Captain Ginyu

    Captain Ginyu was teleported with all the Namekains to Eath at the end of the Freiza Saga, so Kid Buu technically kills Ginyu when he blows up the Earth.

  12. Bulma and Vegeta Had A Second Child Named Bra

  13. Bulma Had 17 Different Hairstyles Throughout The Dragon Ball Series

  14. Piccolo Was 3 When He Fought Goku At The World Martial Arts Tournament

    During the Saiyan Saga Piccolo is only 4 years older than Gohan.

  15. In Arab Dubs Of The Show Saiyans Summon Their Giant Ape Form, As Opposed To Transforming Into them

  16. The Yugioh Card, Tyler The Great Warrior, Is Based On Future Trunks

    Only one exists in the whole world.

  17. Saiyan's Hairstyles Always Remain The Same

    Unless you are Nappa.

  18. Broly's Power Level Was 10,000 When He Was Born

    That's stronger than all The Z Warrior's power levels combined during the Saiyan Saga.

  19. Goku, Bulma, Oolong and Yamcha are Based Off Of The Chinese Epic Journey To The West

  20. Goku's Japenese Voice Actor Has Voiced Him The Entire Series

  21. Yamcha Has Lost In The Quarter-Finals Of Every World Martial Arts Tournament

  22. Vegeta Has A Fear Of Worms

  23. Director Of The Dragon Ball Live-Action Film Admitted To Never Watching a Single Episode Of The Series

    Maybe the movie would have been better if he had.

  24. Yamcha Quits Martial Arts And Becomes A Professional Baseball Player

  25. In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Option 8 Character Is An Easter Egg

    The Dragon Ball Z: Abridged voice of Nappa was selced to be character voice option 8. If chosen he will scream funny things when players use their attacks.

  26. Goku Has Only Won The World Martial Arts Tournament Once

    He beat Piccolo to win the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. He has only won one tournament, even though Goku has been in six tournamnets.

  27. Yamcha Is Either Killed, Already Dead Or Critically Injured At The End Of Every Saga

    Poor Yamcha

  28. Master Roshi Is 354 At The End Of Dragon Ball Z

    It was explained that Master Roshi had taken an "elixer of immortality" and became immortal. He does however die using the "Evil Containment Wave" on King Piccolo and has to be revived with the Dragon Balls. 

  29. Freiza Is Based Off Real Estate Speculators

    Toriyama based Freiza and his organization off real estate speculators, because he thought that they were "the worst kind of people."

  30. Chiaotzu Only Has One Strand Of Hair On His Head

  31. The Six Dots On Krillin's Head Are From Incense Burns From When He Trained At The Monk's Temple

  32. King Kai Admitted To Knowing The Instant Transmission Technique

    But he didn't teach it to Goku because "he didn't ask." If he had learnt it he could have arrived at earth and prevented Nappa from killing his friends.

  33. Hitler Makes And Appearance In Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn

    Goten and Trunks made short work of the dictator.

  34. In One Time Line The Saiyan Race is Extinct

    In a third alternate timeline Cell killed Trunks and used his time machine and reverts to a bug form, and that's the Cell that Goku and his friends fight in the main timeline.

  35. Goku's Mom Is Known As Gine

  36. Piccolo Was The Strongest Hero For A Time After He Fused With Kami

    He was stronger than Super Saiyan form, but is outclassed by Super Sayain 2.

  37. The Goku Vs Freiza Fight Lasted 3 And A Half Hours

    It was the longest fight in anime history.

  38. Cooler, Broly and Baby Were All Defeated By Being Blasted Into The Sun

  39. Broly isn't The Legendary Super Saiyan

    There is a debate about who really is "The Legendary Super Saiyan", while Broly has a buffed Saiyan form many character ahve been refered to as The Legendary Super Sayain.

    • Goku is referred to as the "Legendary Super Saiyan" multiple times in the franchise: the stage where he takes on the form of a Super Saiyan for the first time while fighting Frieza in Dragon Ball Z Budokai, and a trophy for the video game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z features Goku called "The Legendary Super Saiyan".
    • In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection "F", after transforming into the Super Sayain God form, Vegeta mentions that he too (like Goku) can transform into the legendary Super Saiyan form.
    • In Raging Blast 2, when Adult Gohan fights Turles, he refers to himself as a Legendary Super Saiyan, saying "Behold, the Legendary Super Saiyan!"
  40. Android 17 and 18's Names Are Lapis And Lazuli

    Their names are the color of their eyes.

  41. Chiaotzu’s Face Appears As A Mask In The Naruto Manga

  42. Goku Is Afraid Of Hospital Food And Needles

    Why would Goku need to visit the doctor's office if he had Senzu Bean?

  43. Planet Vegeta's Original Name Was Planet Planet

    The name was changed after the Saiyans won a 10 year battle against the Tuffle race.

  44. Not Including Movies and Specials, Goku Only Killed Two Villains

    They are Yakon and Kid Buu.

  45. Cell Is The Only Main Story Villain Goku Hasn't Bitten

  46. It is inferred Goku Meets Dr. Gero In The Original Dragon Ball

    He wasn't named or shown at the time however. Future Trunks states to Goku that letting Dr. Gero go was his biggest mistake, this inferres that Goku did in fact run into Dr. Gero as a child.

  47. Zarbon Was Featured In Beckett's Five Greatest Henchmen Of All Time

    He is the only Dragon Ball Z/GT character to be featured.

  48. In 2013 Dragon Ball Z Was Ranked #23 In IMDd's

    Dragon Ball Z had an overall rating of 8.7

  49. King Kai's Monkey Bubbles Was Named After Michelle Jackson's Monkey

  50. Goku And Vegeta Have A Rematch 200 Episodes After Their Original Fight

  51. Bardock Was The Original Super Saiyan

    When he acheived Super Sayain 2, Bardock had red and orange aura, which may have made him the first Super Sayain God as well.

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