41 Annotated Images From the 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Trailer

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This morning we were thrilled to see the first full featured teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. With scores of never before scene footage, and our first glance at many of the characters in action, there are plenty of things to analyze in the days to come. 

We have collected 41 images from the trailer, featuring most all of footage released, in order to help unveil some of the hidden details in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. See them below:

  1. Oh yea, Title Sequence! Is it to early to get excited? (Of course not)

  2. The only type of film worth watching

  3. Main character revealed! (and she has a noticeable accent)

  4. Feeling Original Trilogy Nostalgia Yet?

  5. FOREST WHITAKER! In a bad-ass costume. Who else is excited?

  6. A brief glance at the hangar? There is an X-Wing off camera to the right.

  7. Walking away to begin the main mission

  8. Last look back before leaving. How is this going to turn out for me...

  9. Every heist movie needs a bomb expert.

  10. Nice weapon. Who is that behind you?

  11. Street fighting. Does she make it out?

  12. There is definitely a robot companion. Its mission? To sell more merchandise!

  13. Desert based Star Wars movie - Check, Snow based Star Wars movie - Check, Tropical Paradise based Star Wars movie - Check!

  14. Looks like the rebel ship was destroyed. How are we going to get off this planet?

  15. Mission specialist reporting for duty

  16. Like it's not already on my calendar

  17. Before J.J. Abrams

  18. After J.J. Abrams

  19. Oh yea, now we are talking business

  20. Admit it, this Death Star scene was awesome!

  21. Guy who was popular yesterday but nobody cares about anymore

  22. Lets see, stormtroopers everywhere... wreckage... and dude with white cape walking like a boss. White means good guy, right?

  23. Ok, definitely bad.

  24. You're our only hope!

  25. Too cool to wear orange jumpsuits

  26. I have a feeling stormtroopers are still disposable

  27. First day as a stormtrooper. Time to detain a blind guy with a walking stick. No problem!

  28. Nope... NOPE...

  29. Heroine scene different angle

  30. Vader, Palpatine, someone new? Who is it?

  31. Recruiting and devising the plan

  32. Captured. Will they be rescued or taken to a force user for interrogation?

  33. Forest Whitaker is going to be great.

  34. Hide and seek with stormtroopers. Does he or she have the stolen information already?

  35. WALKERS in paradise! Wait, this isn't a Battlefront screenshot is it?


  37. Well equipped stormtroopers

  38. Mission Merchandise and the team trying to escape with the stolen data in hand?

  39. Troopers not far behind

  40. The Mockingjay reporting for duty!?

  41. Let me book my IMAX tickets already!

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