3 More Minutes Added To Logan's Theatrical Release: Post-Credit Scenes?

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Two weeks before its theatrical release, Logan has been getting positive reviews in its screenings. Some of them have even claimed that Wolverine's last outing is arguably the best X-Men movie ever made. Now there's added good news for those who will watch the movie in its theatrical release: Fox has added three more minutes that were not present in the screening.

We Got This Covered first mentions a Tweet by a source:

" Let the secret post-credits scene speculation begin: Fox just updated LOGAN runtime to 3 minutes longer than version screened this week."

Three minutes of post-credit scenes can show a whole lot. On the other hand, they may be extra screentime woven into the actual movie that can enhance the drama and the action even further. Regardless of where they come in, these three minutes can set the stage for the new X-Men universe or the aftermath of Logan and Professor X's last fatal road trip away from humankind. This movie has already pushed the boundaries of superhero movies and it would not be a stretch to have director James Mangold open up whole new vistas with added screen time.

What's important to remember is that Mangold didn't include these three minutes during the screening with initial viewers who could spoil the movie for the rest of us. Maybe he wanted to unveil whatever surprise he might be keeping during the actual release.

Logan, starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, will open in cinemas on March 3, 2017.

Catch the trailer below.