29 Fun 'Legend of Zelda' Facts and Secrets

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The Legend of Zelda (Japanese: ゼルダの伝説 HepburnZeruda no Densetsu?) is one of the greatest videogame series ever created, and it's definitely one of the biggest Nintendo franchises ever. The series spans over 17 official games on Nintendo's major consoles as well as spin-offs. 

 We put together a list of some fun secrets and facts from the Legend of Zelda games, so if you haven't found these secrets yet, you might want to play these games again so you can discover these cool Easter eggs. Check them out: 

  1. You'll Find Octorok in Every Zelda Game

    Other than Link, Octorok is the only character to appear in every Zelda game. 

  2. Stone of Agony's Secret

    In Ocarina of Time, the Stone of Agony resembles a Nintendo 64 controller’s “Rumble Pak,” and when it's in your nventory, it will cause your controller to rumble when close to secrets within the game.

  3. There's A Swastika-shaped Dungeon in The Legend of Zelda

    The third dungeon in The Legend of Zelda resembles a swastika, and that's why Jewish groups once protested against the game. 

  4. Miyamoto Wanted To Make 'Ocarina of Time' A First-Person Game

    In the early stages of planning for Ocarina of Time, Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to make it a first-person game. 

  5. Game Shark Hack: Arwings Attack!

    In Ocarina of Time, by entering a certain cheat code with Game Shark, a number of Arwings will flock to and attack you.

  6. Star Fox Characters Referenced in Majora's Mask

    Majora's Mask referenced characters from Nintendo's other popular franchise, Star Fox

  7. Bowser Broach

    In Ocarina of Time, Malon on Lon Lon Ranch is wearing a broach that resembles the popular villain of the Super Mario franchise: Bowser. Her father, Talon, is also wearing one. 

  8. Stained-Glass Windows

    Take a second look around the main room after you have made it to the Hyrule Castle in Wind Waker. Do you notice something familiar on the stained-glass windows? They depict Ganon, Six Sages, and the Tri-Force.

  9. A Dying Soldier's Tale

    In Ocarina of Time, you can find a dying soldier in the back alley of castle town, and he will explain the conflict between Ganondorf and the King. 

  10. Totaka's Song in 'Link's Awakening'

    Composer Totaka's 19-note Totaka's Song is hidden in every game he makes; in Link's Awakening, the melody will start playing after standing in Richard's Villa for two and a half minutes. 

  11. A Music Link To The Past

    Want to listen to something nostalgic in Majora's Mask? Well, just listen to the Indigo-go's, a Zora band who plays various pieces of music from previous Zelda games. 

  12. The First Time Two Links Interact

    Twilight Princess is the first Zelda game to feature two Links interacting one another. This is shown when Hyrule Hystoria reveals that the Hero Shade is the Hero of Time, the savior of both Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time

  13. The Pointless Way of Meeting Ganon in 'Legend of Zelda'

    You can reach Ganon without ever getting a sword in the original Legend of Zelda, but Ganon can't be damage without the sword equipped, so it's pretty pointless. 

  14. The Secret Room

    In A Link to the Past, there's a secret room that could only be accessed by using the Pegasus Boots, and it's called the "Chris Houlihan's Room". Inside, you can find a number of Blue Rupees. 

  15. Five Kittens in 'Skyward Sword'

    Did you know that there's a group of five kittens that youc an interact with in Skyward Sword? Just stand in the middle of the Skyloft courtyard and pan left, where you'll see a spot to grapple over the wall. You'll see them in a field of flowers on the other side of this wall. 

  16. The Secret Nintendo Gallery in 'Wind Waker'

    In Wind Waker, there's a secret "Nintendo Gallery" that provides the service of exchanging pictures for figures. If you look behind the counter, you'll see that the shop owner has three of the masks and a hood from Majora's Mask

  17. Get A Piece of Heart in Zelda's Room

    In Skyward Sword, you can sneak into Zelda's room through a secret pipe inside the Knight Academy. Players can only access the area at night, and the reward is a Piece of Heart. Aw! 

  18. Zelda is Named After F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Nintendo Developer Shigeru Miyamoto named the Princess of Hyrule after The Great Gatsby author, F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife, Zelda Fitzgerald.

  19. Bomb + Gossip Stone = Launch Time!

     In Ocarina of Time, putting a bomb next to a Gossip Stone will result in the stone launching far off into the sky. 

  20. The Legend of the Fairy

    In Wind Waker, using the Tingle Tuner in the Tower of the Gods dungeon reveals a secret story known as The Legend of the Fairy. 

  21. Spell ZELDA!

    In the original Legend of Zelda, five of the dungeons can be arranged to spell out the word ZELDA. 

  22. The Two Blacksmiths That Created Ganon's Sword

    In Wind Waker, the Hylian text on Ganon's sword shows that it was created by the two blacksmiths from the top of the Snowhead Mountain in Majora's Mask – Zubora and Gubora.

  23. Carving Depicts Battle Between Link and A Dragon-Like Creature

    In Ocarina of Time, there's a carving on the outside of Link's tree house, and it shows a battle between a dragon-like creature and someone who resembles Link.

  24. Talon & Ingo are like Mario & Luigi

    The character models of Talon and Ingo in Ocarina of Time resemble Mario and Luigi. 

  25. The Caged Shark on The Bottom of the Lake

    In Ocarina of TIme, if the player drives to the bottom of the lake, they would find a caged shark that some say reflects Nintendo's dislike of the Game Shark cheating device. 

  26. Nintendo of America President Thought Americans Don't Have The Patience For Zelda

    Former Nintendo of America President Minoru Arakawa thought that Americans would not have enough patience to understand The Legend of Zelda game, and that's why he was at first hesitant to release the game in the United States. 

  27. The True Meaning of the Triforce Symbol

    The iconic Triforce symbol in Zelda games was actually the symbol for the Japanese clan “Hojo.” They called the symbol “Mitsuuroko,” which means “three scales.”

  28. Ocarina of Time was the Fastest Selling Video Game of All Time

    Ocarina of Time was the fastest selling video game of all time. During its first month of release, it earned $150 million dollars with 2.5 million units sold even though the game was only available for 39 days. 

  29. The Reincarnation of Link

    The hero in Windwaker is not Link, but rather a reincarnation.