2 New Black Mirror Season 4 Images From 'USS Callister' and 'Arkangel' Episodes

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One of the best sci-fi series you can stream on Netflix is Black Mirror. It's deep, well-written, and the best part is the show reflects the truth in reality with thought-provoking concepts. Now, two images have been released for the cult series, one of which is the Star Trek-inspired USS Callister (above) and the other is from an episode called Arkangel (below) These only give us glimpses of a couple of episodes out of the six the series will have. I'm excited to see what creative ideas they'll amuse us with this time.

You can watch the teaser below:


Black Mirror
taps into the collective unease of the modern world, with each standalone episode delivering a sharp, suspenseful tale of the myriad of ways technology has transformed all aspects of human life — in every home, on every desk, in every palm; on a plasma screen, monitor or Smartphone.

Black Mirror is one of my favorite shows on Netflix. Go catch up on the streaming service before the new season comes out.

Check out the list of episodes and cast involved (via THR):

The previously announced Jodie Foster-directed episode now has a title, "Arkangel," and along with Rosemarie Dewitt will also star Brenna Harding (
A Place to Call Home
) and
's Owen Teague.
"USS Callister" reunites
alums Jesse Plemons and Cristin Milioti, along with
's Jimmi Simpson and Michaela Coel (
Chewing Gum
Monsters: Dark Continent
). The episode is directed by Toby Haynes (
Dr Who
"Crocodile" stars Andrea Riseborough (
), Andrew Gower (
) and Kiran Sonia Sawar (
Murdered By My Father
), and is directed by John Hillcoat (
Triple Nine, Lawless
"Hang the DJ" stars Georgina Campbell (
Flowers, Broadchurch
), Joe Cole (
Peaky Blinders, Green Room
) and George Blagden (Versailles, Vikings), and is directed by Tim Van Patten (
The Sopranos, Game of Thrones
"Metalhead" stars Maxine Peake (
The Theory Of Everything, The Village
), Jake Davies (
The Missing, A Brilliant Young Mind
) and Clint Dyer (Hope Springs), and is directed by David Slade (
Hannibal, American Gods
"Black Museum" stars
's Douglas Hodge, Letitia Wright (
Humans, Ready Player One
) and Babs Olusanmokun (
Roots, The Defenders
), and is directed by Colm McCarthy.

Netflix hasn't announced a release date for Black Mirror's new season yet but we can't wait to stream it becomes available.