2 Magic: The Gathering Players Disqualified From The World Magic Cup 2017

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Over 70 countries comprised of three players each competed at the World Magic Cup in Nice, France, and Team Japan ended up winning the whole event, so congrats to Shota Yasooka, Yuuya Watanabe, and Kenta Harane for dominating the tournament. Before they took the crown, however, two players have been disqualified from the tournament, one from Ireland and the other from Serbia.

As Wizards of the Coast reports, during Round 6, David Wolfe from Ireland was disqualified from the tournament for discarding too many cards to gain an advantage when he played Chart a Course. When he was supposed to only discard one card, he discarded two: God-Pharaoh's Gift and Angel of Invention, two cards instrumental for the player to play Refurbish the following turn. Despite this, the Irish team continued to play on Day 2 with just two players.

The second player disqualified from the World Magic Cup is Goran Begovic of the Serbian team. Although it wasn't clear what exactly happened during the match, Wizards of the Coast explained why he was disqualified:

During his match, he called a judge over to clear up what he said was an unclear game state. During the investigation, Begovic changed his story. After further discussion with the players involved, judges ruled that Begovic had lied to a judge during the course of the investigation, resulting in his disqualification from the tournament.

It looks like we've been seeing more cheaters in big Magic tournaments lately. In Pro Tour Ixalan, two players were disqualified. You can read the details here.

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