19 Hilarious and Clever Comics on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Geekdom

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GAF is a 21-year-old artist from Peru who describes himself as a "stupid boy making stupid things." But what he really makes are hilarious (and yes, sometimes crude) comics with a strong geeky influence. So whether that means superheros, Game of Thrones, or super-monsters - his comics are sure to put a familiar subject in a whole new light. 

You can check out this talented artist at Meme Center, on Facebook, or onTumblr.


And take a look at some of my favorite examples of his work on this list!

  1. Batman and Robin clean the streets

    My favorite bit: Batman's super pink cleaning uniform and happy eyes.

  2. Godzilla in the middle

    My favorite bit: the blush

  3. Who frees the slaves?

    My favorite bit: Abraham Lincoln's and Daenerys's expressions... and "Bitch Please"

  4. Mickey Mouse has a problem...

    My favorite bit: those eyes. Oh man, those eyes.

  5. Godzilla vs Heisenberg

    My favorite bit: Um, Heisenberg's outfit. Definitely that outfit.

  6. Twyin's Home

    My favorite bit: The Iron Throne becomes the Porcelain Throne

  7. George R.R. Martin is God

    My favorite bit: The fact that that hat is so iconic now. Also just the idea behind this comic.

  8. ...But not that much of a God

    My favorite bit: The bright red nose. I've heard of bright red cheeks meaning embarrassment but... the nose is hilarious.

  9. Halloween this year

    My favorite bit: the fact that a skimpy nightie is now "overdressed"

  10. The park IS the game

    My favorite bit: that hand thing. I don't know what it means, but combined with her expression it's perfect.

  11. South Park on repeat

    My favorite bit: I really like the meteors in the background. Is that weird?

  12. Selfies

    My favorite bit: the peace signs! You will not find a picture of a Japanese person without those peace signs. It's like the sign-language "cheese"

  13. The Three-Eyed Raven

    My favorite bit: It's just so... literal. It's funny because it's true - if you see a three eyed raven, it's probably due to radiation induced mutation.

  14. Sewers

    My favorite bit: Bane. I was expecting the turtles, but Bane? Where did he come from?

  15. Snowmen

    My favorite bit: Jon Snowman's expression. He's just like, dude what am I even doing here?

  16. Super...man

    My favorite bit: Yup, it's classic stupid humor with stupid faces. And it's still funny!

  17. Fueling Up

    My favorite bit: It's crude. But at, the same time, it makes you think... how do Transformers refuel? Until I see it in the movies, this is what I'll be thinking.

  18. The Mountain vs The Viper

    My favorite bit: Oh, the nostalgia! This is a fantastic depiction - it's like a pre-fight poster.

  19. Even Professor X is angry

    My favorite bit: Besides the cigar? The fact that even Professor X thinks that the laws of reality should be broken to fix that mess of a movie.

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