16 Games That Deserve a Remastered Edition

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Just like movies, video games aren't immune from getting a special edition remake or reboot to bring them to audiences that may have missed them the first time around.

But forevery Homeworld: Remastered and Master Chief Collection, there's dozens of games that could definitely use a some love and a graphical upgrade. Many of them are underrrated titles or older classics that are still great to play, but hard to do so without needing an older console.


Here's a list of some great games that we would love to see get modern day overhaul for our favorite platform!

  1. Clive Barker’s Undying

    This first person shooter featured a plot written by famed horror author Clive Barker. Set in the 1920s, players take on the role of an Irish paranormal investigator as he tries to unravel the supernatural terrors haunting the family of a dear friend. It would a fun but terrifying experience to play through this game again with the major graphical overhaul a remaster would bring.

  2. God Hand

    God Hand is remembered for being a ridiculously over the top action game with a high level of difficulty and an intricate, highly customizable combat system. With a colorful cast of characters and a sense of humor, this fighting game would be a welcome addition to modern consoles.

  3. Dead Space

    While the Dead Space trilogy wrapped up only a couple of years ago, the first game had a great balance of action and horror along with some of the most horrific monsters we’ve seen in video games.

  4. Dark Reign

    This late-90s real time strategy game was an innovative entry into the genre for its time, featuring concepts such as line of sight, terrain types, espionage  and a customizable waypoint system for setting up patrol or supply routes.

  5. Destroy All Humans!

    This ridiculous action-comedy from the long-shutdown Pandemic studios is an excellent candidate for a modern day remaster. Who wouldn’t want to take over humanity with a bunch of ray guns?

  6. System Shock 2

    The predecessor to BioShock and one of Ken Levine’s finest, System Shock 2 is a great action RPG that has one of the most memorable villains in video game history with the sociopathic SHODAN. The fact that it hasn’t been given a modern day remaster is surprising, especially given how instrumental it was in influencing many modern day shooters.

  7. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

    While it may not have been a commercial success, this horror game based off of the works of HP Lovecraft was well received for its realistic and terror-inducing gameplay. With no heads-up display to warn players about their health or ammunition and otherworldly enemies that can drive the main character insane just by looking at them, Dark Corners of the Earth definitely deserves another shot.

  8. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

    While some aspects of this starship simulator/adventure hybrid are probably a little dated (like the FMV cutscenes, for one), Starfleet Academy is just one of many Star Trek games with great ideas that could use a revamp.

  9. P.N.03

    An underrated game from the GameCube era, this third person shooter has players control Vanessa, a freelance mercenary hired to destroy a bunch of robots run amok across the galaxy. While receiving some mixed reviews due to its controls and repetitive sections, P.N.03 was still lauded for rewarding skillful players and featuring a strong aesthetic. A remaster of this game fixing up some of its issues and giving it a modern day overhaul would certainly appeal to fans of twitch-based shooters.

  10. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

    A massive, highly rated FPS for the Nintendo 64 and the first game in a multi-title franchise, it's a big surprise that Nintendo hasn't re-released Turok on any of its Wii consoles. 

  11. Dungeon Keeper 2

    After the utter debacle that was Dungeon Keeper Mobile, a proper, high-def re-release of this classic strategy game by EA would go a long way to appease many older gamers - provided they stay away from crappy microtransactions this time around.

  12. Star Wars: Rebellion

    One game I would seriously be happy to see among the Star Wars game revivle would be a new version of Star Wars: Rebellion, a 4x-style strategy game that lets you conquer or liberate the galaxy as either the Empire or the Rebel Alliance. But unlike many other strategy games set in the Star Wars universe, building ships and fleets are only pat of the overall game; you have to manage planet infrastructure, sent diplomats to convince planets to join your side, recruit characters and conduct all manner of special ops mission upon your opponent. The information overload and having to handle many tasks at once could be daunting, but in the right hands, a new version of this game for the PC or console could take care of many of the original's problems while still keeping the fun civilization building aspects intact.

  13. Star Wars: X-Wing

    Another Star Wars title that definitely reserves another chance at the spotlight is the X-Wing (and TIE Fighter) series of space combat simulators, where you could strap into the cockpit of your favorite ship from the franchise for some incredibly addicting space combat.

  14. Condemned: Criminal Origins

    This psychological horror game was well recieved for having intense hand-to-hand combat and a disturbing story, and it'd be fantastic to play a new version of this that used the Oculus Rift or the Xbox One's Kinect.

  15. Septerra Core

    A unique roleplaying game from the late 90s, Septerra Core had fully voiced dialogue, a lengthy story campaign, and a challenging, time-based combat system. It's perfect to get a make-over with updated graphics and visuals. 

  16. Final Fantasy Tactics

    If there was ever a game deserving a remaster, this is it. Final Fantasy Tactics is by far one of the best Final Fantasy games ever made. It's got a great story and characters, robust class system, addicting combat and a fantastic soundtrack. It actually surprises me that Square Enix hasn't already pushed out an HD version of this game for the PS4.

    Is there a game you'd love to see a modern-day remaster of? Let us know in the comments!