12 of the Silliest Aliens from Sci-Fi

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Most science fiction features aliens of some kind; whether they be benevolent visitors or rampaging monsters, there's tons of cool species out there. But for every Xenomorph or Vulcan, there's occasionally some really silly aliens as well. Here's a few!

  1. Martians from War of the Worlds

    You know, for a species capable of interplanetary travel and constructing gigantic, heat-ray firing death machines, you’d think the Martians from the War of the Worlds (and its various incarnations) would have discovered antibiotics or something along the line.

  2. Aliens from Cowboys vs. Aliens

    These ugly mothers from Cowboys Vs. Aliens, with all their crazy flying machines and wrist lasers aren’t here to conquer Earth, but basically try and mine gold out the wild west. It doesn’t go so well, since apparently they can’t stop abducting people for experiments instead of laying low and getting what they came for.

  3. Lactrans

    These giant slug aliens from Star Trek: The Animated Series supposedly have super strong psychic powers and all, but looking that dopey, it’s hard to believe it.

  4. Lepi

    Star Wars isn’t immune from having a few odd aliens in its expanded universe. This guy up here is a Lepi, who are essentially sentient giant bunnies. They for some reason seem to be really angry almost all the time, but I guess if I looked like a poor man's Bucky O'Hare, I'd be a bit miffed too.

  5. Aliens from Signs

    Asides from looking like your average stereotypical “green man from space,” the aliens from horror film Signs are really silly because their major weakness is regular water, which burns them like acid. They’re also silly since it begs the question, why the hell would they even want to come to a planet where 71% of its surface is covered in literal liquid death?!

  6. Mac from Mac and Me

    ​Honestly, is there anything that needs to be said about this late 80’s travesty?

  7. Aliens from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    It was bad enough that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull had interdimensional aliens as a plot line, but did George Lucas had to go and make them look as boring as possible?

  8. Antedeans

    Another weird Star Trek species, the Antedeans are basically giant bipedal fish people. Don’t confuse them with Star Wars’ Mon Calamari, which are considerably more respectable looking.

  9. Ro-Man

    A creature from the infamous 50's film Robot Monster, Ro-Man somehow managed to wipe out humanity with a death ray. He probably managed to get away with it since it'd be hard to take any evil alien that looks like a gorilla wearing a wierd TV on his head seriously.

  10. Pakleds

    These big guys from Star Trek pretty much have one schtick, and that’s that they are dumb. Really dumb. Seriously, that's just about it.

  11. Fode & Beed

    A two headed alien seen in Episode I: The Phantom Menance, this alien is just awkward looking, and raises many questions as to how a species like this even works. Does each head get control of one set of arms? Do they argue with each other a lot over where to get lunch? What happens if one of the heads gets a concussion, does the other head also get a concussion? It's just so confusing.

  12. Psychlos

    Probably the silliest of all aliens, the Psychlos from the infamous Battlefield Earth movie are a bunch of tall, ugly looking dudes that somehow conquer planets all the time despite being moronic and egotistical as all get out. In the film they attacked Earth for its natural resources (again, it’s gold they're after, because somehow that’s more valuable than the dozens of other rare minerals on the planet), and subjagate the surviving humans into serving them as slaves. Which goes pretty poorly once the humans figure out how to use some of the Psychlo's technology against them.