1000-Lb Sisters Fans Wonder Why They Don't See Tammy Slaton Eat Onscreen; Speculates TLC Star Eats Secretly To Avoid Being Caught

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Tammy Slaton has eating problems, and she hasn't lost weight. So, some 1000-Lb Sisters fans are wondering why they haven't seen the TLC star eating onscreen while watching the show, and some speculate that she may be eating secretly.

Tammy Slaton Doesn't Eat Onscreen In 1000-Lb Sisters

Before Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton landed their TLC show 1000-Lb Sisters, they made waves via YouTube. They made fun of each other and did some challenges together.


Those who have been following Tammy know how much she enjoys eating. So, they are wondering why they haven't seen her eating on her reality show.

The series is about Tammy and Amy working on their weight loss journey. Tammy is still trying to beat her goal while Amy has long accomplished it.

Some netizens enjoyed watching her struggles play out in the series as she battles to lead a healthy lifestyle and give up on her cravings.

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Many also want to see Tammy succeed just like her sister Amy. They want to see the best version of Tammy, who is willing to do her best just to accomplish her target weight.

However, they also want to see Tammy eat onscreen because, for sure, she does. According to Screen Rant, the reality star is still in rehab in Ohio, working on losing weight to qualify for bariatric surgery.

The outlet noted that there are rumors that she has been scheduled for her gastric bypass surgery. If that is true, it would mean that Tammy has lost enough weight and has already conquered her eating problems.

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1000-Lb Sisters Fans Theory On Why They Do Not See Tammy Slaton Eating On Screen

As mentioned, Tammy is suffering from eating disorders. Since they do not see her eating onscreen, they believe she probably hides her binges or purges away from her loved ones in the hopes of not getting caught.

In this Reddit thread, some shared their thoughts about Tammy's eating pattern, in particular, how they used to see her consume food in the first season but not in season 3.

"I suspect Tammy is a secret eater who probably," one wrote. "a) doesn't eat outside the home often,

b) would never let the cameras film her eating if she could get away with it and c) binges in private on s--tty food so no one can shame her."


The user recalled how her family prepared unhealthy food for three people because Tammy was coming home. The netizen said there were tons of high-fat, high-sugar canned food and highly processed desserts.

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"Once she started going to that doctor with Amy, and she was supposed to be losing weight for the surgery, I think she was eating in secret so that no one would know. But she doesn't factor in that when you gain another like 500lbs people are going to know you are eating what you shouldn't, and much more than you should," another added.

A third user agreed that Tammy probably decides to hide when she eats because, unlike her sister, Amy, who doesn't mind eating on camera, she hasn't been eating with them.

"I think so too, Amy is happy to eat on camera, will laugh about it and show off but Tammy seems embarrassed and a secret eater. Plus she knows it will be plastered all over the internet and shamed," the viewer said.

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Aside from embarrassment and eating secretly, another suggested a different reason.


"She probably doesn’t like to eat on camera so she can pretend she’s sticking to the diet," one wrote to which some online users agreed.

A different netizen added that not showing Tammy's eating habits was "probably to make the scale moments more dramatic." The user pointed out how Tammy would always say she was trying her best to lose weight but gained so much in a month.

Tammy Slaton will return on 1000-Lb Sisters Season 4. TLC had already confirmed the renewal of the show for a new season. However, there was no release date yet.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Tammy Slaton and 1000-Lb Sisters Season 4.

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