10 Weirdest Movie Merchandise Items Ever Made

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Over the years we've seen some weird and ridiculous movie tie-in merchandise items that make no sense, but some of them are worth a fortune now. Screen Rant has released a video that lists 10 of these items, including the Darth Vador burger, Matrix Reloaded cellphone, the vibrating Harry Potter broom, James Bond candles, letters to E.T., Avengers perfume set, and 300 leather briefs. Star Wars has the stupidest product ideas. Three items in this video are Star Wars-themed, but a lot of fans would probably buy them anyway. Check out the video below: 

It’s no secret that the world of movie merch is a lucrative one for Hollywood, offering fans items or toys to take them right back to their favorite movies. But some products on the market are a little more questionable than others. Keep these in mind the next time the next time you need gift inspiration for the movie buff in your life. Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Weirdest Movie Merchandise Ever Made.


As listed on the Youtube page, here's a summary of the merchandise items discussed in the video: 

R2D2 Aquarium | 0:25 James Bond Candles | 1:08 Harry Potter Vibrating Nimbus | 1:43 The Avengers Cologne | 2:21 The Dark Vador Burger | 2:55 The Matrix Reloaded Cell Phone | 3:30 Rocky Action Figures | 4:15 300 Leather Briefs | 4:46 C3PO Tape Dispenser | 5:17 Letters To E.T. | 5:55