10 Reasons Why Glenn Could Still Be Alive in The Walking Dead

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Fans of the The Walking Dead were shocked when they saw Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) in deep trouble with the walkers in the latest episode of AMC's hit; Like how Game of Thrones fans wondered about Jon Snow's at the end of Season 5, a lot of us wondered if he's dead or alive, but here are some reasons why he isn't dead. 

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  1. Nicholas was on Top of Glenn

    As we've seen from the fall, Nicholas was on top of Glenn in mid fall. It's clear that Glenn lands first, so it's obvious that Glenn is on the bottom. 

    Here's another shot where we can see a big hump that seems to be Nicholas' shoulder.

    He's most likely reacting to Nicholas' guts being devoured on top of him, but how could he possibly escape that position? We'll just have to wait and see. 

  2. Trailer Footage

    In The Walking Dead Season 6 trailer, we saw footage of Glenn shouting, "Rick is dangerous". We haven't seen this in the show yet. 

  3. Whisperers

    An interesting theory is that the Whisperers saved Glenn, but I don't think it's likely that the horde of walkers we've seen are Whisperers as we've seen them chowing down on some intestines. 

    Warning: Spoiler from Comics below.

    In the comics, we learn that the Whisperers are a group of living humans who cover themselves in human guts, skin, and faces to blend it with with the Dead. They whisper to each other so they won't attract attention. The group doesn't come into play  until much later in the show, according to the comics. 

  4. IMDB Credits

    Steven Yeun, the actor who plays Glenn, is listed appearing in all 83 episodes on IMDB.

  5. Glenn Uses His Flare Fun

    Remember that Glenn still has his flare gun from the plan with Rick?

    Well, this might be the perfect time for him to use it. With it, he can call for help (Though I doubt that he could buy enough time for someone to respond to that) or he could use it to distract the walkers. 

  6. Glenn is Hiding Under the Dumpster

    The top of the dumpster is locked, but maybe Glenn found a way to get under the metal box to secure himself while the walkers are busy feasting on Nicholas. 

  7. Steven Yeun Filmed More Episodes

    Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, has been spotted filming episodes with characters that haven't been introduced this season.

  8. Glenn is A Part of A Major Plot Twist

    In The Walking Dead Comics, Glenn is a part of a major plot twist, and although the TV show deviates from the comics a lot, it's highly unlikely that they would omit Glenn from this major plot point. 

  9. Talking Dead

    The Talking Dead usually presents the characters who died in the show in its "those we lost segment", and he Glenn did not appear on The Talking Dead afterwards. 

  10. Glenn is Camouflaged

    Remember in Season 1, when Glenn and Rick used Walker guts and blood to camouflage themselves? 

    Maybe Nicholas' blood would camouflage his presence from the walkers, but some could argue that Nick's fresh blood would make Glenn a more delicious treat for the Undead.