10 Amazing Hidden Details in Star Wars: The Force Awakens That You May Have Missed

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You think you know every Easter egg, cameo, and reference in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? After seeing the movie three times, I still get surprised to learn about the interesting hidden details from this incredibly detailed blockbuster. I knew that they were going to include R2-KT somewhere, but I missed it, but thanks to this video from Screen Rant, I now know where it. The video lists 10 "Amazing Hidden Details" in The Force Awakens

Here's a list of details mentioned in this video: 

The Falcon's New Dish | 0:29 Ello Asty | 0:57  007: Stormtrooper | 1:26 FN-2187 | 1:56 Luke's Training Remote | 2:27 How Many Parsecs? | 2:55 Ben Solo | 3:26  Voices Of The Force | 3:54 BB-8's Human Voice | 4:25  R2-KT | 4:53