Watch: Why Wizards Canceling FNM Promos is A Bad Idea

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - July 17, 2017

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On Sunday, Wizards of the Coast announced the changes for Magic: The Gathering's in-store programs, including FNM's, Store Championship, Leagues, Standard Showdown, and Magic Open House. According to the company, they made the changes based on players' feedback, but it looks like not everyone is happy about one particular change: replacing FNM promo foils with double-sided foil tokens, starting after Ixalan's launch on September. 

Wedge of The Mana Source YouTube channel points out that this is a problem in a new video discussing Wizards' move to change FNM incentives. While foil double-sided tokens are cool to have, they're not as valuable as FNM foil promos. The video also points out how Standard Showdown is getting more rewards than FNMs. Rebecca Guay foil basic lands are much better than the double-sided tokens. Wedge suggests to give players the option to choose between foil double-sided tokens and FNM foil promos or give the tokens to participants while the FNM promos will be rewarded to those who place high. 


Do you agree with Wedge? What do you think about the changes for Magic in-store programs? Share your thoughts in our Magic Facebook group here. 

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