Watch: Top 5 Predictions For Magic: The Gathering's Ixalan Set

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - July 13, 2017

Last month, Wizards of the Coast showed us our first look at their fall Magic: The Gathering set, Ixalan, which revealed a few details about it: its Meso-American-inspired setting, pirates, dinosaurs, and the return of Vraska as a pirate, but thats about it. Now, the Professor of Tolarian Academy College makes his Top 5 predictions for the upcoming set. It's worth noting that although some Ixalan cards have been leaked, the video doesn't discuss them. Watch the video: 

The return of colorless mana matters? Hmm.. that would be interesting but I don't think they'll bring it back to Ixalan. I'm surprised the Professor didn't mention any new mechanics regarding dinosaurs. Hopefully, the set will feature fun treasure-hunting mechanics that are not too similar to Shadows Over Innistrad's clue tokens. 

What do you think are your predictions in Ixalan

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