Watch Kit Harington Audtion as 6 Different Game of Thrones Roles

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - July 11, 2017

Kit Harington may be famous for playing Jon Snow but he's clearly a versatile actor, and he proves it in a part of a segment for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Not only has Harington nailed the role of the King of the North, but it turns out that he can just fill his fellow Game of Thrones actors' shoes. 

The clip shows Harington "audition" as Cersei, Hodor, Arya, Yritte, a White Walker, Daenerys, and Harry Potter!

It's just hilariously weird seeing Daenerys with facial hair, and Harington seems to have fun entertaining fans with his censored fake boobs. Watch the hilarious clip below: 

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