Watch: How Passengers Could Have Been 100 Times Better Thanks To A Simple Edit

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - April 23, 2017

People were expecting Passengers to be a big hit since it was an original story starring two of the biggest names in Hollywood — Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence; but the movie ended up underperforming in the box office because of the lukewarm reviews and the supposedly false advertising. Nerdwriter on Youtube, however, has found a way to make the movie entirely more interesting just by adding a simple edit: start the movie with Jennifer Lawrence waking up.

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When the movie came out, it was trashed for being a bit too predictable, and the supposed “climax” in the end was just a McGuffin to make Pratt and Lawrence’s characters fall in love all over again. Not to mention, Pratt was perceived as the villain of the movie since he was the one who woke Lawrence up from her hyper-sleep.

With Lawrence being the center of the movie, there’s an added mystery to Pratt’s character, and that makes for some exciting and intriguing cinema. Plus, the movie can just add Pratt’s backstory immediately after the scene where Lawrence figures out he lied to her to give the character a bit more empathy.

Further making the movie end more uniquely, they can actually have Pratt’s character die in the climax, so Lawrence would then be faced with the same moral dilemma that Pratt faced when he was thinking of waking someone up. That would have been 100 times better than what we actually got!

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