Watch An Alcoholic Logan Rip Through Barbecue and Comics in Logan Trailer Parody

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - March 14, 2017

Image Credit: ArtSpearEntertainment/Youtube

Now the highest grossing film of the year, Logan has been praised as the best X-Men film the francise has seen in years. Bloody, gritty, and grounded, the R-rated film bends the superhero genre with it powerful realism.

Despite its success however, fans still love to poke fun for a good lauch and now ArtSpear Entertainment offers X-Men fans a funny new animated spoof of the Logan trailer.  Running at four minutes and a half, the video makes the trailer a tad bit longer and features a messed-up, alcoholic, barbecue-loving Hugh Jackman.

Check it out down here:


Though Dafnie Keen’s Laura doesn’t have her hilarious accent in the video, it’s really funny how Jackman’s Wolverine makes quips on Laura’s claws and how Wolverine magically gets younger again after being shown a picture of his younger self like Dorian Grey. Then there’s the conversation about Sentinels during dinner. This parody trailer is pretty fun to watch. 

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