Watch: A Star Wars Clip Parody of the BBC Interview Family

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - March 17, 2017

Everyone has been talking about the BBC interview that went hilariously wrong thanks to the reporter’s kids video-bombing the interview. And while we will continuously appreciate how it has brought back to our attention a couple of issues facing our society today, it has also brought a few smiles. After all, it is a pretty cute and funny clip at the end of the day.



So it’s not really surprising that the adorable clip has received this much attention. And now, we have something nice to feast our eyes on, especially if you are a Star Wars fan. YouTuber Jack of All Genius has released this clip that changes the father into Darth Vader, the kids into Droids, and the mother into Leia.

“We loved the ‘Children Interrupt BBC interview’ video so much, we decided to change the roles up a bit.”

In the clip, we see Vader talking about how rebellions happening all the time. And just before he and Palpatine get into discussing how the Imperial fleet will respond to those rebellions, the two droids wander in.

Not skipping a beat, we see Leia rushing in to get one of the droids out of the picture, with the father apologizing in the same manner as the famed BBC reporter. That door close was a nice touch.

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This will be an interesting Star Wars documentary.

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