Star Wars Parody Video Teaches The Dangers Of Improper Lightsaber Handling

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - January 03, 2018

Almost every Star Wars fan might wish to own their very own their very lightsaber someday, but it seems like lightsaber owners could get seriously hurt if they don’t understand how to use the sophisticated weapons from Star Wars’ galaxy far, far away.

Highlighting the dangers of owning a lightsaber, Nukazooka and his team present a funny parody video teaching fans “Lightsaber Safey 101.”

It’s a very funny video, demonstrating how to use a lightsaber with two models for examples – Gary and Larry. While Gary seems like the cool bike rider type (who oddly reminds us of Steve from Stranger Things), Larry is presented as the disappointment of the show.

While Gary aces everything, Larry seems to fail at using a lightsaber properly cutting his own hand in a demonstration on how lightsabers can be used for chores.  

“You’ve got to be careful Larry. This is why we’ve added a replacement hand in every package.”

Larry also picks the wrong kind of lightsaber when trimming his beard and going to battle, killing himself off in the process. It’s hilarious really, and eventually the speaker behind the lightsaber demonstrations gets so fed up, he tries to fight Larry of with his own lightsaber. In the end, Larry uses the Force and puts the poor guy in a Force choke like Darth Vader.

You’ve really got to love a good Star Wars parody.

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